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NIRVANA BEING Introduces ‘AIRIFIC’- India’s first anti-viral mask


Nirvana Being, a leading Clean Air solutions company based on science and sustainability, has recently launched ‘Airific N95 Anti-Viral Mask’. India’s first anti-viral mask, the Airific Mask keeps out 96% of viruses and bacteria as well as >95% of particulate matter and contaminants, thereby offering the highest level of protection.

Priced at INR 995, the mask was created for the mass market after thorough research wherein the team realized that COVID-19 particles have a diameter of close to 0.12 microns; and standard masks, whichare somewhat porous, cannot filter nano-particles smaller than 0.3 microns, with high efficiency. Therefore, Nirvana Being developed amask using nanotechnology to filter down to 0.1 micron. The nanofibers in the mask have a massive surface area and large number of pores with a tiny pore size. This enables the filter to catch much smaller particles with a lower ‘pressure drop’ than other synthetic or natural materials, making the Airific Mask more breathable than any other mask in the market, driving comfort as we are forced to wear masks for extended periods of time.

Certified by Nelson Labs, USA, this mask is more reusable and breathable than any other mask in the market. Due to its extremely high ‘capture index’, Airific can be confidently worn in mild to severely polluted conditions while still looking stylish. Its natural filtration provides the highest protection from dust, ash, smoke, fumes, exhaust, odours, allergens, bacteria, viruses and pathogens.


Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder & CEO, Nirvana Being says, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of India’s first anti-viral mask made using nanotechnology. Having always been at the forefront of innovation, we had been looking for a solution to tackle the worldwide issue of the COVID-19 for the last few months. During current times, we all know that Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE), comfort and fit are the three things that are most important to consider while buying a mask. And with our new Airific Mask, we endeavour to offer all of the above. Also, we remain true to our value of driving sustainability as the mask is reusable and washable.”

Founded in 2015, the name Nirvana Beinghas become synonymous with sustainable, scientific and responsible environmental solutions. Our company name comes from Buddhism, where Nirvana Being means a state of enlightenment or elevated consciousness; about sustainability and our breath.

Our product portfolio consists of sustainable, stylish, reusable and affordable environmental products to shield you from harmful pollutants/viruses in the air and allow you to live a healthy life, without compromising your lifestyle. We offer an array of products that protect you everywhere you go- both indoor and outdoor. Starting from specialized masks with the highest certifications for general everyday use to sports masks with a higher surface area for better breathing capability, we have products that are globally certified and tested to suit your needs. We have also introduced Indoor Air Purification to ensure that indoor spaces are health and safety compliant in Delhi NCR and India. Additionally, we provide purification and monitoring solutions for homes, cars and centrally conditioned buildings to make clean air more accessible.

Till date, ours are the only masks certified by Nelson Labs, USA with 95% – 99% viral filtration efficiency, reusable and washable. That is the ethos of our business- sustainable products that solve problems, technologically advanced, and internationally certified by the highest authorities.

Our focus and values of ‘science and sustainability’ have served us well and we will continue to use those as pillars to develop protective solutions for environmental challenges in the future.

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