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Opera Factory debuts in India exclusively on The Audio Store


Are you a BassHead? Do you love that warm and punchy, deep bass tingling in your ears? Then Opera Factory’s new IEMs should excite you. The Audio Store officially debuts International headphone manufacturer Opera Factory in India with the introduction of four new wired IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) for bass lovers. ‘The Audio Store’ ( is a one-stop destination for anything in audio products in India, catering from in-ear wired or TWS headphones to over-the-ears basic and premium cans under one single roof. The four new Opera Factory IEMs cater to superior audio, with refined bass and highs, especially music lovers, or those who need an immersive audio experience while gaming.

A brainchild of co-founders Pritam S Halpawat and Pankaj S Halpawat, The Audio Store is a bootstrap online e-commerce website headquartered in Pune, India catering to the needs of music enthusiasts. Co-founder Pritam S Halpawat has expressed great excitement on the debut of Opera Factory’s four newly launched IEMs — ‘OS1’, ‘OS1 Pro’, ‘OM1’ and ‘OM3.’ Also besides, the Opera Factory OFC5IS IEM Cable will also be launched alongside which can be used on the OS and OM series as replacement modular cables.

Of the new entrants, the OS series caters to heavy bass performances, while the OM series professionalizes for fine-tuned audio across all music genres. The in-ear monitors (IEM) are designed with high-quality resin enclosures and extremely durable and modular gold-plated cables and a superior comfort fit to help noise isolation. Additionally, users can enjoy pristine quality music from the graphene and beryllium dynamic drivers.


The Opera Factory OM series:

The Opera Factory OM series comprises of two models — the OM3 Wired IEM (‘Coppers’) and the OM1 Wired IEM OM1 (‘On The Road’). While the OM3 is engineered using high quality 10mm beryllium dynamic drivers, the OM1 sports 10mm single dynamic drivers. Both OM1 and OM3 create pleasant audio and are brilliantly engineered with high quality drivers to create an exciting and fun listening experience.

The OM3 and OM1 are exclusively tuned for sound warm and relaxed audio across all music genres, such as EDM, jazz, classical, folk, country, contemporary, soft rock, acoustics, etc. It features advanced driver casings designed and made with solid sound-insulating resin that help reducing external noise while minimizing sound leakage. Lastly the OM series sport detachable cables with a 0.78mm 2-pin gold-plated connector, made from high-quality materials.

The Opera Factory OM3 is available in Copper colour, and the OM1 in Red colour, for a selling price of Rs 4,999 and Rs 3,499, respectively.

The Opera Factory OS series:

The Opera Factory OS series comprises of two (‘Junior’) models – ‘OS1 Pro Wired with Mic’ and ‘OS1 Wired with Mic.’ The IEMs feature a very unique appearance – a starry black semi-transparent 3D-printed diamond shape shell design to bring you the sense of retro, mystery and nostalgic. These monitors produce powerful deep bass and crisp clear highs using 10mm graphene diaphragm dynamic drivers. Enjoy stereo, HD, and acoustic sound quality perfect for sports, workout, running, gym, jogging and other activities – perfect for stage monitoring and everyday use, the OM series can help music drive you to your personal best.

The OS series sport a unique and ergonomic, comfort-fit design that will never fall out when running or working out. They also provide efficient ambient noise-isolating (up to 50%) whilst giving you superior comfort and performance to enhance your audio experience. Lastly, the OS1 Pro features a detachable cable with a 0.78mm 2-pin gold-plated connector, while the OS1 has a fixed cable that cannot be replaced.

The Opera Factory OS1 Pro and OS1 are available in Red & Blue, and Black colours, and for a selling price of Rs 2,999 and Rs 2,499, respectively.

The Opera Factory OFC5IS IEM Cable:

The Opera Factory OFC5IS IEM Cable is a replacement cable for the OM series and the OS1 Pro. It features a built-in Mic and volume controls and the wires are made from extremely durable and strong 5N (99.999% purity) OFC (oxygen-Free Copper) material. These are 1.2-metre cables with an L-shapes 3.5mm audio jack and 0.78mm 2-pin gold-plated connectors.

The OM series do not sport in-line volume controls and Mic on the stock cables. Users who wish to have this feature can purchase the OFC5IS IEM Cable and replace the stock cable to avail the features. The Opera Factory OFC5IS IEM Cable is available in a transparent case with black volume and Mic enclosure, for an MRP of Rs 1,499.

The Opera Factory OS series IEMs, OM series IEMs and OFC5IS IEM cable are officially and exclusively available in India only on The Audio Store ( All products carry a standard 1 year industry warranty period.

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