Optoma’s Vision: Illuminating the Future of Interactive Flat Panel Displays


The landscape of digital display solutions is rapidly evolving, and Optoma, renowned for its excellence in home entertainment projectors, is strategically venturing into the realm of Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) displays. DeviceNext had the privilege of conversing with Mr. Vijay Sharma, Country Head for Optoma, regarding this compelling expansion. Delving into the rationale behind this move, Mr. Sharma elucidated that while Optoma has long been synonymous with top-tier home entertainment projectors, the burgeoning global demand for IFP displays, particularly in recent years, prompted the company to pivot its focus. As we navigate through this interview, Mr. Sharma’s insights offer a glimpse into Optoma’s strategy to expand into this segment and the innovative products that the company plans to bring to the market.

Optoma is well known for its home entertainment projectors, Why Optoma is entering into IFP Displays Market?

Optoma has traditionally focused on home entertainment projectors. However, Optoma has observed significant growth in the global market for Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) displays, especially in recent years. As a result, Optoma has made the strategic decision to expand into manufacturing high-quality IFP panel products in order to take advantage of this growing demand. Building on Optoma’s success as the number one DLP projector brand worldwide, the company aims to provide a comprehensive digital display solution that meets the evolving needs of its customers.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) enhance engagement and collaboration in both education and business settings, whether it’s a lecture hall, classroom, meeting room or lab. Available in multiple sizes and featuring advanced technologies like anti-glare and scratch-resistant glass, TUV certified low blue light filters, and wide viewing angles, IFPDs reduce eye strain while delivering crisp, vivid visuals visible to everyone in the room. As a result, IFPDs have become a necessity for every classroom in today’s hybrid learning environments.


How Optoma is planning to create a strong position in this segment?

Optoma’s interactive flat panels (IFP) have capabilities that make them very useful for businesses and schools. Their panels allow multiple users to draw and make notes on the screen at the same time. Users can also edit content in real time and share what’s on the screen wirelessly. These features for collaboration and sharing are critical for companies and schools. Optoma has a wide variety of IFP panels to meet the needs of different industries and settings. Their innovative IFP products are made to handle the requirements of many types of organizations and classrooms.

Interactive panels have become vital tools for fostering innovation in education, seamlessly integrating into K–12 and postsecondary education programs. These cutting-edge technologies enable educators to create immersive and collaborative learning environments, igniting creativity, boosting engagement, and better preparing students for future challenges.

In addition, interactive flat panel (IFP) displays have applications beyond just educational settings. They also act as powerful drivers of innovation in corporate environments. IFP panels enhance presentations, promote collaboration, allow remote work, and speed up decision-making. As a result, they are vital in modern business settings. By encouraging creativity and new ideas, these displays help construct environments that foster accomplishment in the fast-paced and competitive global marketplace of today.

What is the potential in the Indian market for this segment? Which products are already available in the market? Also let us know about the new launches.

Optoma is having 5 Series and 3 Series Interactive Flat in Indian market. The new-gen Creative Touch 5 Series premium interactive flat panel displays provide excellent collaboration and connectivity features for any classroom or business space. Premium wireless collaboration software Display Share are preinstalled to enable seamless interactivity from a variety of different devices. The included quick-draw pen instantly activates the whiteboard application, saving the time and energy spent on having to manually change modes.

The 5 Series has a sleek, premium design that will blend in well in any setting. The display has a 0.8mm or less air gap for natural touch responsiveness, enabling you to write smoothly and accurately with enhanced precision. Scheduling conference rooms is streamlined with the built-in Joan meeting app and widget, a collaborative calendar integration that effortlessly syncs with popular calendars to clearly show meeting room availability. Instantly book rooms through the display or your existing desktop calendar and mobile device, eliminating the uncertainty around conference room availability.

How are you planning to include new tech innovations in your products?

Our interactive flat panel displays provide state-of-the-art technology to improve learning and performance. With innovative features for remote teamwork, distance education, wireless content sharing, and meeting room booking, plus outstanding 4K UHD image quality and stylish design, our IFP panels deliver substantial value to customers.

Optoma’s IFPs enable wireless content sharing through the TapCast app. The built-in AirShare feature boosts audience involvement via instant feedback from quizzes, surveys and polls. The integrated Joan meeting tool and application streamlines meeting room scheduling to boost efficiency and time management, letting users sync with popular calendars like iCal and Google to swiftly locate and reserve rooms.

Featuring a floating toolbar and cloud whiteboard, our panels are ideally suited for collaborative learning settings. We’ve also enhanced our existing IFP product to seamlessly integrate with the modern Google Classroom, emphasizing paperless sharing and digital collaboration in classrooms. This empowers teachers to craft lesson plans remotely and instantly deploy them in any classroom setting. Furthermore, our IFP panels are equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling integration with a wide range of contemporary apps. They’ve also obtained Eye Comfort Certification for Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free operation, ensuring soothing visuals from every corner of the room.

What is your customer base for this category? How are you planning to broaden your customer base in the Indian market?

Optoma has been present in India for over a decade. The brand has installed its products in more than 200,000 classrooms across the country. Optoma has also built a robust pan-India sales and service network. Currently, the company partners with large system integrators and strong local channel partners to serve the education sector. Optoma has dedicated sales teams for all Indian states. These sales representatives utilize modern sales management tools to directly assist channel partners. They provide demonstrations, technical and commercial support to help partners compete with other brands. Furthermore, Optoma’s interactive flat panels feature seamless writing and drawing capabilities thanks to their versatile quick launch pen functionality. This provides users with unmatched ease of use and flexibility. With the above support system, Optoma is expanding its presence in India and targeting double-digit growth by 2024.

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