Our Foremost Key Strength is a Wholesome Entertainment And Fitness Experience.


Fire Boltt was co-founded by two young, visionary and successful entrepreneurs Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore, who envisioned it as a homegrown brand of recall in the wearables, gaming and audio space. Both the founders have a strong DNA of wearable technology for over many years, as the duo has launched
multiple brands in the past around consumer technology, fitness and fashion. The entrepreneurial journey of the duo began shortly after the completion of their education, thanks to their penchant for innovation and rapid technological advancements in the wearable and audio technology segments.  In an interaction with Jayanta Ghosh, Editor in Chief of DeviceNext, the duo shared the journey of  Fire Boltt with an idea to introduce a made-in-India brand in the domains of wearable, gaming and audio technology.

The Beginning

The DNA of Fire Boltt in wearable technology is nearly five years old. We have launched multiple brands over the years around consumer, technology, fitness and fashion. Aayushi Kishore and I founded this company with a vision to become a home grown Make-in-India brand of recall in the wearable, gaming and audio
space. We also envisioned a global first concept wherein people can earn rewards by using an app, which is a standalone product in itself. Users can connect their Fire-Boltt Audio and Wearable devices in the App, stream unlimited content and music and earn rewards. We have tied up with some big names such as Zee5 and Jio Saavn to provide our users a wholesome entertainment plus reward experience on our Boltt Play app.


Why Smart wearable ?

The smart wearable space has evolved over the years as an integral part of our life today. We were fascinated by the early evolution of wearable technology with calculator watches to hearing aid. Our idea was to tap the ever-evolving market with the latest cutting-edge technology. Now in the post-Covid era, wearable technology is a must for all. With NASA deploying a global wearable giant to help its employees and astronauts fight Covid-19, the implications of the same can be well understood. As a pioneer in the segment, we clearly understood the transition in the smart wearable space and are equipping ourselves continuously to meet the need of the hour.

Product Strengths

Our foremost key strength is a wholesome entertainment and fitness experience. All the products that we offer are of premium quality, powered with cutting-edge technology. The USP of our brand is that we are among the few to offer everything from Bluetooth Earphones, Bluetooth Headphones, True Wireless
Earbuds, Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Wearables, Lifestyle Shoes & software etc under one roof. We have built the world’s first Gaming, Entertainment, Fitness & Rewards Ecosystem.

Products and its competitive edge?

The products have a clear competitive edge in the market because of the companion software ie an Entertainment, Fitness &  Rewards Ecosystem. The Boltt Play App is the clear differentiator for us. Users can connect their Fire-Boltt Audio and Wearable devices in the App. They can track their steps in the App and earn rewards ie “Walk & Earn”. They can stream unlimited content and music and earn rewards ie “ Watch and Earn and Listen and Earn”.

As we are a Made in India brand, we build all our products primarily for the Indian consumers. Apart from the aforementioned range of products and offerings, our product range includes Boltt X-fit smart running shoes for men, built especially for everyone seeking fitness.

Market strategy

We are incorporating all marketing activities like BTL, ATL, Online and Offline mediums. However, it is necessary to add that most of our achievements have been organic. We have been spoken about a lot across media and YouTube community organically.

Plan for 2021?

We currently have a presence in more than 750 cities across the country through both online and offline media. We plan to further expand our geographical presence this year and offer a lot more new products to our frequenters and other fitness and entertainment enthusiasts across India as well as abroad. We are expanding product verticals and also channels of sale.

Tell us more about your flagship product Boltt Play app. 

As mentioned earlier, Boltt Play App is the world’s first Gaming, Entertainment, Fitness & Rewards Ecosystem. Rewards are earned by performing various activities in the app like taking steps, watching videos, listening to music, playing games etc. One can connect Boltt Audio and Wearable Devices with the Boltt App & Double their rewards. Rewards are in the form of branded products and experiences from a large In App Shop. The app was launched just a year ago and we nearing the 1 million user mark. All
our users have been organic, without spending a dollar on marketing.

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