Our Space-Saving Design Is Affordable And An ideal Choice For Home Office or SMBs

Claire Sung

To meet the strong demand of printer and MFP in the market, Avision has dedicated itself to the development of laser printer and MFP for more than a decade. In 2014, Avision announced its first A3 and A4 laser printers, the AP510 and AM30 series, and has become the first printer and MFP maker in Taiwan. By the end of 2016, the A3 MFP, AM7850 series have been successfully developed to integrate the scanning, printing, and the networking capabilities to one single unit.

In an exclusive interaction with us, Claire Sung, Regional Sales Manager, Avision sheds light on the latest product range  and technology enhancements from Avision.

Can you tell us more about your new product line of 2021

Avision, founded in 1991, designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high performance scanners, printers and multi-function printers. We’re one of the world’s leading provider of image processing equipment and digital office solutions.


Avision-MFP-X1We’ve taken the office-critical features of departmental MFPs and packed them into this ultra-productive A4-size printer. Our latest multi-function printer-X1 seamlessly integrates print, scan, and copy functionality. The space-saving design is affordable and an ideal choice for home office or small business.

Avision-network-scanner-AN335WMoreover, speak to the scanner series, our latest network scanner- AN335W is 40ppm/80ipm Scan Stations those are fast, reliable, and affordable for workgroups in small to mid-sized businesses where scanning plastic ID cards, business cards, documents or other heavy card stock is necessary. With ethernet networking capability, the AN335W improve your business efficiency by offering PC-free scanning to a wide variety of destinations including e-mail, cloud applications, a shared folder (SNB), a FTP server, or even a USB flash drive.

  • X1 MFP: Please click here for more info.
  • AN335W: Please click here for more info.

2 . How Avision solution helps WFH scenario

We provide home office scanners such as PaperAir series, MiWand series which feature a compact design, OCR capabilities, and image correction techniques at affordable prices.


  • PaperAir215 Scanner: Please click here for more info.
  • Miwand Series Scanner: Please click here for more info.

Elaborate about your latest printing solutions

The Avision self service copier is a pay to print multifunction printer where you can do your printing job in various ways and pay through mobile wallets on your phone. It is very easy to access this machine as it will be located in public places where users need to do copying and printing. Since users can pay through mobile wallets it is very simple for anybody to use. It is also highly secure as you don’t have to share your digital file for printing.

Avision--X2030-Self-Service-CopierThe Avision self service copier is monitored in real time by our local partners, so if any problem occurs with the machine they will immediately know about it and be able to rectify the issue as soon as possible. A print just costs around 2-3 Indian rupees per day on power saving mode. It can be placed in public spaces like airports, commercial or residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, universities, libraries and coffee shops etc. It is equipped with 4G internet and capable of printing through mobiles, USBs and also does photocopying and ID card copying. The Avision self service copier interface is very simple to use; first the user has to select their desired print job and then select the number of copies they want, pay through a mobile wallet and its done! You get your copies within no time. With Avision’s mobile print application, users can directly print from mobile phones or upload the files to Avision’s cloud to print later. Avision will sign a service agreement with local partners where partners will manage the machine and Avision will handle monthly payments and provide free spare parts and consumables. Our application is UPI (unified payment interface) based, so we will cover more than 90% of mobile wallets and partners will be responsible for paper, internet connectivity and keeping the copier in good condition. In Japan and Taiwan, almost every 100 meters there is a convenience store and they have a big A3 machine, so if a small A4 sized machine with various functions can be placed in such stores then it can generate another income source for the owner and won’t take up much space to install. Since last year we have participated in various shows to promote our the Avision self service copier. Also, last year we held an event in New Delhi for bloggers and media people so we could reach out to more people.

  • X2030 Self-Service Copier: Please click here for more info.
  • Website: Please click here for more info.

Tell us about Avision’s new technology enhancements

Our intelligent scanner-AI360 that perfectly combines our high-speed sheet-fed scanner and Intel CPU with OpenVINOcapability. It’s a revolutionary product on the market which seamlessly integrates handwritten digitization, image correction, edge computing, and data distribution into a single unit which could significantly simplify the data entry process and enhance data security from cyber threats.

  • Avision-scanner-AI360AI360 AI-OCR Scanner Solution: Please click here for more info.
  • AI360 brochure download: Please click here to download.

Why India is a key market for Avision, what are the opportunities you can foresee?

In the past few years, India’s economic growth was 7% and 8%. It surpassed China and it also ignored the world. The population of 1.3 billion is more than twice the total population of the 10 ASEAN countries. These indicators can show its potential with no doubt. Therefore, we value the India market and will put more effort on it.

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