Ozonetel Partners With Truecaller To Build Trust And Efficiency For Business Communication


Ozonetel, India’s leading provider of on-demand cloud communication services, has recently partnered with Truecaller to offer Verified Business Caller ID solutions as a part of its solutions suite.

Truecaller for Business enables businesses to add brand identity, enable trust & safety for users and enhance their calling efficiency with Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID. Businesses will continue to get all the advantages of Ozonetel’s Complete Call Center suite to ensure efficient outbound call campaigns including multi-mode automated dialers, digital channel integration, as well as readymade integration to most CRM solutions.

Market Need


Most of the brands try to engage with potential and existing users through calling as their preferred medium. But due to lack of identity, trust concerns, and context, 70% of calls are ignored or rejected, impacting their brand image. With 9/10 businesses vying for customer attention, there is too much noise. For users, almost 1 out of 4 calls are outside their phonebooks. Users are doubtful about these calls’ legitimacy, purpose, and whether they are worth their time. Consequently, legitimate business calls are suffering.

A brand name, logo, call reason, category name, verified tick, and green badge with Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution helps businesses stand out from the crowd. Adding identity, trust, safety, and context to calls gives users the power to distinguish relevant calls. This will ensure improved control of the calling workflow for businesses, enabling businesses to get brand protection from spammers and scammers.

With the unique ‘Call Reason’ feature businesses can now convey their call reason even before a call is being picked up. This feature will improve customer confidence by communicating intent of call.

Commenting on this partnership integration, Mr. Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel, said, “Over 300 million users across the globe trust Truecaller to identify their incoming calls, while 2500 + businesses worldwide depend on Ozonetel for efficient call campaigns. We are now leveraging the synergy of both the brands to transform the communication approach of businesses and build intuitive and innovative calling experience outbound campaigns.”

The Verified Business Caller ID is an integration-less hassle-free solution that works seamlessly across Android & iOS caller IDs and is network agnostic. In addition, a self-service analytics dashboard allows businesses to monitor their numbers easily and obtain insights into calling trends to determine the health of their calling workflow. The addition of the new

“Users today are flooded with endless calls from unidentified numbers. The need to authenticate those calls is even more critical than ever from a trust, safety and productivity perspective. Unfortunately, industry-wide, businesses tend to suffer from reaching their users, resulting in a poor user experience. With Truecaller Verified Business Identity, we are exactly focusing to resolve this issue at scale with successful use cases across industry verticals. Our Verified Business Caller ID product has gained the confidence of users and businesses to add identity, trust, safety and context to business communication. Ozonetel is one of the leading cloud contact center players in the market, and this partnership will amplify our vision to build an efficient and trustworthy call-based communication experience for users and business alike.” said Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM at Truecaller for Business.”.

For further information, view the company page here

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