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Panasonic Life Solutions India launches Antimicrobial Range of Wiring Devices


The rise in the spread of bacteria due to the on-going monsoon season and the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has affected the health of many in recent times. To better tackle, these microbial threats, investing in technologies that ensure improved safety and hygiene is highly important. Due to the pandemic, a lot of time is spent at home which has resulted in increased usage of electrical appliances / gadgets therefore switches, sockets and fan Regulators have the highest touch rates in any environment say at home or Hospitals. This in turn increases the possibility of bacteria or viruses to hold a significant number of microbes on their surfaces. Smart home electrical manufacturer Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. introduces Antimicrobial electrical switches and sockets series under Roma Classic, Roma Plus, Roma Urban, Europa and Vision that offers comprehensive safety features.

In public facilities, a lot of people are bound to come into contact with the switches which further increases the chances of a bacteria or virus to spread by infecting a large number of people. The new range of Antimicrobial wiring accessories is equipped with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties and promotes a healthy environment by facilitating up to 99% reduction in bacterial development and prevents transmission. These series are excellently designed and are made from polycarbonate that contain silver ions. These ions act as robust support to kill the bacteria’s, stopping their growth on the product surface. The silver ions antibacterial structure is immune to light and heat and this will further assist in fighting the germs for people’s safety.

Manufactured in India, this innovative range is combined with high quality and durability lasting up to 5 years acting as a modern solution for any domestic wiring requirement. The entire product range has long-lasting antibacterial life, hence providing value for money and security to the customer. This range offers a plethora of features like an extra layer of protection and fire-retardant properties by providing an all-inclusive safety cover.


Moreover, given the current pandemic situation, there will be a high demand for products that emphasize more on healthcare technologies. It will be a game-changer for future building designs that will help people feel safe and comfortable. Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt.Ltd. has constantly endeavored to deliver best in class wiring devices solutions for commercial and residential premises. The introduction of these products facilitate as healthy lifestyle. The range of switches and sockets will be available on ‘made to order’ basis.

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