MWC 2019

People are spending more on Smartphones in consumer technology

Smartphones in consumer technology

Mobile World Congress is the largest and most important mobile tech trade show globally. With 110,000+ attendees; 7,700 CEOs; thousands of international journalists and 2,400 exhibitors from more than 200 countries will be participating, MWC is where the industry’s most important mobile products are launched and innovations revealed.

Disruptive Innovation: 2019

Smartphones are eating the consumer tech world. A staggering 59% of all global consumer tech spending was on smartphones in 2018.

Smartphones Are The World’s Computing Device Of Choice

  • Globally we spend more time online using mobiles than computers
  • More searches are performed by mobile than computers
  • Android, not Windows, is the dominant operating system globally

5G Revolution

The 5G revolution will be the most discussed topic at MWC. The very first 5G smartphones will be introduced this year and are predicted to sell only 2 million units worldwide, but this will explode in coming years, reaching 1.5 billion 5G smartphones sold in 2025.


5G will bring blistering fast speed. With 5G you’ll be able to download a Hollywood high definition movie in 3.6 seconds. Throughput will be 100 times faster than 4G LTE.

5G will also allow:

  • Up to one million connections per square kilometre (100X more than 4G LTE). This will allow billions of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices to be connected
  • Latency of as little as one millisecond. This is up to 50X improvement over 4G LTE and is important to enable autonomous vehicles
    Up to 90% more energy efficiency than LTE
  • Smartphones Are Getting Smarter

Artificial Intelligence will be the second most discussed topic at MWC. A $1,000 smartphone has more raw computing power that IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer of 1997 that cost $100 million. People walk around with smartphones in their hip pockets at all times. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being embedded in smartphones. This is enabling exciting new features, including:

  • Image Enhancement: The best new smartphones have multiple cameras – some with wide angle and close focus. Using AI, the smartphone will automatically enhance your images to DSLR quality.
  • Voice to Text Dictation: There’s no need to type texts and emails, when users can simply speak to their smartphone.
  • Real-Time Translation: Google Translate’s app translates English into 38 other languages in real time. So for all you Star Trek fans – Universal Real-Time Translation is here, now! Using AI, smartphones will translate different languages in real-time without any need for the internet connection.

Artificial Intelligence in all technology – not just smartphones — is predicted to create $3.9 trillion of business value by 2022.


Smartwatches are the fastest growing category of wearables. In 2019, 46% of smartwatches will ship with their cellular connection, which means the watch doesn’t have to be paired with a smartphone. And, eHealth data promises to transform health care.

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