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PLAYGO T44 Review : TWS With Amazing Design & Sound


The size of the true wireless hearable is increasing day by day, and we have seen various brands now focusing more on TWS segment rather than neckbands and headphones.  A Gurugram based company Play launched its latest offering PLAYGO T44 in this category with an attractive price.


Most wireless earphones these days no matter if they are dirt-cheap or in the premium range, pretty much look and feel the same. No matter if they are full in-ears or half in-ears like this one.



Design & Comfort

The PLAYGO T44 is little different in that sense. This is one of the most attractive and premium looking TWS in this price point. PLAYGO T44 comes with contoured-design stem to match individual face profile giving a very chic & smart wear-look. Capsule-design charging case is also easy to slip into the pockets. T44’s pocket-slip charging case keeps them charged up and ready to play, anytime anywhere. Battery indicators on the case enable you to know when it’s time to plug and play. At 3.5g each pod, the PLAYGO T44 is supremely light in weight and makes your long work calls less stressful and more comfortable. Their small form factor makes them light and comfortable to wear, yet they stay steady in your ears.




Connectivity And Controls

Connectivity and controls is robust on the T44. Real smooth and easy process to pair, all you have to do is to open the case and search the device via your smartphone and that’s it, you are connected. The PlayGo T44 is touch-operated, with double tap for play and pause in both buds, and long tap in the right and left to jump to the next track or the previous song respectively. You may find it uncomfortable in the begining, but more you use them you will be familiar with all the functions. The Bluetooth 5.0 range holds great up to ten meters – even with thin walls in between, or when walking or cycling.



Sound Quality and Overall Performance

Unlike full in-ear earphones, half in-ear earbuds with the ‘AirPods-like’ design don’t go all the way into your ear canals. Therefore it’s hard to acquire the same full and detailed sound for half in-ears. But the PLAYGO T44 does an impressive job, however, looking at its price point. Truly wireless and truly immersive earbuds deliver superior sound without compromising quality. With 10mm EBEL drivers experience Enhanced Base Extra Loud audio. While calling when you’re talking, your voice has a typical telephone sound, but it appears loud and crisp, and your voice is separated enough from voices surrounding you. It makes the T44 great to use both inside and out.



The PLAYGO T44 is a pair of wireless earbuds that stands out from the crowd because of its great call and sound quality – and fantastic design. These are the best half in-ear wireless earbuds you can buy under 3K.

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