Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction PLAY offers Doorstep After-sales Service for Consumers


With online shopping becoming a norm, many consumer oriented brands are prioritizing Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategy. However, in delivering directly goods to the consumers at their doorstep the after-sales service is often overlooked by the brands. Vikas Jain, Co-founder of World of PLAY, believes that after-sales service is essential to build the customer trust and loyalty. World of PLAY’s PAHS (PLAY-at-HOME-service) is a doorstep after-sales service that provides customers with quick and hassle-free solutions for getting the servicing of their products. DeviceNext had the opportunity to interact with Vikas Jain and discuss the benefits of PAHS and how it has helped World of Play establish itself as a customer-centric brand.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction:

How does PLAY ensure customer satisfaction through its PAHS policy, which offers door-to-door service.

PLAY emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and explains how our exclusive PAHS policy (PLAY-at-HOME-service) ensures this. Our PAHS policy warranties all PLAY products and provides home pick-up and deliveries if any defects arise. This policy reflects our confidence in the quality of our products and offers our users peace of mind.


In what ways does PLAY make it easy for customers to access and comprehend user manuals or instructions for their smart-wearable products?

PLAY is dedicated to providing customers with smart-wearable products that are easy to use. We achieve this by offering user manuals and instructions that are easily accessible online at Additionally, our support team is always available to assist with any inquiries or concerns regarding product use.

How does PLAY ensure that customers encounter no problems with setting up or installing their smart-wearable products?

PLAY ensures a smooth onboarding process for customers by utilizing a user-friendly design. Our devices and mobile applications are designed with user ease in mind.

How does PLAY inform customers of any potential risks or side effects associated with the use of their smart-wearable products?

PLAY products are manufactured with safe materials, thus eliminating any potential risks or side effects associated with product use.

How does PLAY offer timely and adequate support to customers when they encounter issues with their smart-wearable products?

PLAY understands that customers may encounter issues with their smart-wearable products. To address this, we have a dedicated support team available from 10AM to 7 PM, Monday to Saturday. We typically respond to customers within 24 hours.

Does PLAY provide customers with the option to return or exchange their products if they are defective or do not meet expectations?

Yes, PLAY offers a clear return and exchange policy that allows customers to return or exchange their products if they are defective or do not meet expectations. We strive to provide customers with the best possible experience and want them to feel confident in their purchases.

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