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SCAPE TV – Redefining luxury for Smart TVs with better Price and Service


Featuring the latest in technology and offering affordable luxury with better pricing and services is the new entrant in the Indian Smart TV market – SCAPE TV. Based out of Bengaluru, the brand SCAPE TV has been brought out by ScapeXtreme Private Limited. Despite being the newest TV manufacturer in Indian market, the brand sold more than 1 million units in its first year of launch. We had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Sooraj PP, Co-founder, and Chief Marketing Officer, SCAPE TV, who discussed about the brand’s foray into Indian TV segment and shared insights into company’s growth strategy for the Indian market.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

Please tell us about SCAPE TV, its foray into the Indian market, and what are the focus market segments for the brand.

Scape is the youngest yet technologically advanced Smart TV Brand which is also Made in India currently. We started with the aim of making the luxury affordable to everyone, but let me add, it is not just the luxury that we are offering but a premium product with the quality at a better price and service.

In a competitive market of Smart TVs, what are the USPs of SCAPE TV that make it different from those offered by other major players?

I should say this question has become very familiar to any start-up when they launch a new product in the market and it is an obvious question too. Apart from making our TVs in India, we also make sure that every TV is technologically superior to other competitors in the market. Even when you are considering the pricing factor, which is definitely one of the important factors for the Indian consumers when purchasing a Television, we have made sure that they can get bigger, technologically superior, and visually stunning products at a better price.

For the Service Network, we follow a hybrid model in which we tie-up with some of the best in the market vendors for some areas, and for others, we have our own team to look after the service that makes us provide the best in class service to our customers.

Tell us about the government policies that have helped you to manufacture under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Are there any challenges you face as a manufacturer that the government needs to address?

Make In India is definitely a huge step for the Indian Market as well as the consumers. As far as Televisions are concerned, one of the major drawback we, as Indian TV brands have is the lack of Open Cell Manufacturers in India. One of the major reasons for not having an open cell manufacturing facility in India is definitely the cost factor and having the customs duty on Imported Open Cells makes TV costlier for both manufacturers and the consumers.

Were you impacted by the global shortages of electronic components and semiconductors? How can you reduce dependency on imports, especially Chinese components?

Just like any other manufacturers who depend on imported components to manufacture their products, we and our vendors definitely were impacted by the global shortage of the components. Apart from that, the cargo prices were going crazy post-Covid and that combined with the delivery delay gets impacted on the shortage of the product which in turn affects the pricing, delay in delivery, and overall product shortage as well in the market. It will take time to manufacture everything from A to Z in India, and we need to find an alternative solution if we want to sustain the competition on the world stage.

To support your manufacturing are you planning to set up an R&D facility to cater to the Indian consumer’s demands.

We will for sure be setting up an R&D facility in India. We are in fact scouting for the talents already. Consumers always want the best products and we cannot just copy-paste the technology from China. We should build the technology that our customers are looking for, as the customer behavior varies dramatically geographically on consumer appliances

From you perspective, how has consumer behavior changed during the pandemic? What are the trends you’re seeing today that are going to drive the TV market in India?

As I was suggesting earlier, consumer behavior changes dramatically across geographies. In India’s Television Segment, the sales of Smart TV is booming considering the pre-Covid sales. The major reason is there are more online classes, consumers are looking for TVs that are connected, which is independent of the traditional cable/Dish to watch programs. Consumers are not just looking to watch regular TV programmes on TVs nowadays, they are also looking for something more, something which could help them to learn, or help them in their job, or help them in their/kids education. The traditional Television anyhow would have been phased out but the Covid made this phasing out even quicker.

Share some insights on your strategic roadmap for growth in India, what are your short-term and long-term objectives, and what innovative products are you planning to launch for the upcoming festival season.

We are having one of the best growth for a young company can dream of, and we would like to thank all our retailer-dealer-distributor-stockists and consumers. We are expanding pan-India and we are in the process of appointing stockists across and are expected to complete the appointments by November 2022.
We have been working on and with the Android platform, and soon are going to come up with the WebOS platforms on our Smart TVs. We are also launching the Premium Speaker Series and an entire range of Home Appliances in 2022, and overall we expect 2022 to be a historic year for the Scape Team.


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