Shaaimu aims to empower the youth with a healthy lifestyle through its smart wearables


Founded in 2018, Shaaimu is one of the emerging brands in the smart wearables segment. The company aims to combine world-class technologies with the needs of the consumers to create cutting-edge innovative products that range from earphones to power banks and from TWS to smartwatches. We had the opportunity to interact with Ashutosh Singh Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Shaimu India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. who discussed the company’s innovations and the market expansion plans.

Here’s an excerpt from the interaction.

What are the factors that differentiate Shaaimu from other smart wearable brands?

We are purely a “Make in India” brand wherein we are leveraging the untapped skilled potential to cater to the needs of ‘Our Youth’ offering a strong bent of mind towards a healthy lifestyle. We are there for the youth who are more determined by the quality offered and at a price on which they can rely.


The smart wearables market is highly contested, how are you creating a niche for your brand and products? What kind of target segment are you looking at?

We have a strong Research and Development team who are investing all their time and energy in the basic yet strongest element of the product “the battery” and “the accuracy” of the measurement. We are determined to make our youth healthy and subsequently well-informed. Our advantage is in our local manufacturing. So, rather than joining the cut-throat competition with existing brands, we intend to create and maintain our niche by ensuring product quality at a desirable price point. Our focus is on enhancing and expanding the after-sale service and support part of the product cycle as well.

Have you been impacted by the semiconductor and electronics component shortages? How did you gear up for it, can you give us a small brief on this.

Yes! It is a cause of concern and has also baffled us with deliveries. It has disrupted the supply chain of critical electronic components, which adversely impacted our product deliveries. We have worked on our sourcing aspects and tried to be more robust in our supply chain, while still keeping a tap on the market making out.

From your perspective, what is the consumer demanding today from a smartwatch?

Our consumer today is more centered on health indicators and needs to be well informed about all relative parameters on the go of a button. Our expertise is our research and technology know-how along with understanding the pulse of Indian consumers’ needs and demands. We at Shaaimu, have worked religiously on such needs thereby offering 8 different sports modes to gel on with the SpO2 and various other key monitoring parameters to add on to his need analytics. This gives us the edge as we are better catering to the consumer’s needs.

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