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Sony Portable Party Speaker for Outdoor Party Experience

Sony Portable Party Speaker

Sony announced the launch of an exciting new outdoor party speaker, the GTK-PG10. Wireless, portable and with a long battery life, the GTK-PG10 is ideal for enjoying music outside, whether it’s a party, a picnic or a camping trip.

Ultimate party speaker with tweeters for clear vocals and surround sound Outdoors or indoors, the GTK-PG10 delivers big, powerful sound without compromising on clarity.

The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) automatically adapts audio settings to optimize performance to suit your surroundings. With the top panels open, the built-in tweeters face upwards and outwards which spreads the sound wider for outdoor parties. When the top panels are closed, and the top tweeters face frontwards, the GTK-PG10 projects sound forwards for volume and clarity.


Unique form factor with open & close panel with splash-proof top The speaker incorporates a table and cup holder on the splash-proof top panel to let nothing get in the way of your celebration.

13 hours battery backup for non-stop party

It has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can enjoy up to 13 hours of listening flexibility.

Portable wireless speaker with convenient cup holder, perfect for outdoor parties
The cube shape and built in handles makes it especially easy to transport the GTK-PG10, so that you can party just about anywhere. With a compact footprint and clear sound, the speaker doesn't use up much floor space and is also tripod compatible.

Interactive feature including Karaoke to enhance the party experience
The GTK-PG10 is compatible with the Sony Music Center and Fiestable app, providing additional fun features at your fingertips, via your phone. Through the app, users can change track or adjust volume just by speaking into their smartphone. There is a mic input, so you can enjoy karaoke with your friends and family as well. Bluetooth® technology lets you stream all your favorite tracks and playlists from your smartphone to your sound system. The speaker also has an FM tuner function and USB play and charge, so you can charge your smartphone on the go.

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