Sony Takes The Game To The Next Level Offering Unlimited Creative Potential


Sony has just launched its Alpha 1, the flagship full-frame mirrorless camera in India which is  Sony’s most expensive and most advanced consumer-level camera yet. It combines all the best elements of the Sony A7S III and A7R IV’s features, and more. In a conversation with DeviceNext, Mr. Mukesh Srivastava, Head of Digital Imaging Business at Sony India, explained about all the latest features of the new flagship Alpha 1 and more.

Mirrorless has evolved a lot in last few years and the capabilities are now matchless, tell us more about what are the key technology factors that played key role in improving the capabilities of mirrorless cameras.

Sony, being one of the pioneers in mirrorless cameras, takes the imaging technology far beyond the capabilities. As powerful as a professional camera but smaller and easy to use, the Sony mirrorless cameras turn your everyday shots into beautiful movies and photography to both see and feel.

  • Mirrorless cameras excel at maximizing functional usability in a compact and lightweight body.
  • The advanced image processor in a mirrorless camera makes better use of the light in the given condition and is able to take sharp images.
  • The Sony mirrorless camera’s much larger sensor produces less noise, sharp details and a more beautiful image especially in low-light.
  • High-speed focus is a key advantage. Sony’s revolutionary AI based technology of Real time EYE AF and Real time tracking instantly locks onto a moving subject and anticipates where it will go next, so you can easily stay focused on to your subject.
  • Unlike typical DSLRs, Sony mirrorless cameras have focus points across almost the entire frame, to seek out your subject with both speed (phase-detection AF) and accuracy (contrast-detection AF).
  • Electronic viewfinder and a wider dynamic range are other advantages that play key role in improving the capabilities of a mirrorless camera.
  • The long battery life, tiltable screen and other customisations make them an easy upgrade for any enthusiast.
  • And lastly, with the wide range of Sony E-mount lenses backed up with the very unique ONE MOUNT concept, the seamlessly connectivity of full-frame and APS-C, stills and movies, amateurs and professionals, through a versatile range of camera bodies and lenses, Sony takes the game to the next level offering unlimited creative potential.

In the professional category the Sony Mirrorless cameras set a clear benchmark, can you comment on its growth path with various breakthrough camera models?

With evolving technology and content creation in the recent times, we feel that it is our responsibility to challenge the limits of conventional imaging tools with innovation. The alpha mission is to give creators the power to realise their dreams and to provide multiple opportunities along with the latest technology and a platform to learn, evolve and adapt.

With the introduction of various cameras including Alpha 7SIII, Alpha 7C, Cinema Lines FX6 and FX3 along with the most recently launched, the incredible Alpha 1, we intend to cater to multiple needs of a photographer and content creator. With rise in new trends such as OTT content creation, cinematic movie making, vlogging, portrait, fashion photography, wildlife photography and concept-based photography, we believe these break-through camera models and the existing wide range of Sony products from industry leading mirrorless cameras like Alpha 7RIV with 61MP, Alpha 7III as a perfect hybrid camera and other professional/consumer cinema lines and variety of lenses, are going to play a vital role.

Tell us more about your latest flagship model Alpha 1 how is it different in its category and feature packed like resolution, speed and performance.

Alpha 1 is developed for professional photographers and videographers who like to capture sports, wildlife, landscape, fashion, action, commercials, portraits, weddings and other genre, and want to expand their range of expression by capturing moments they could not before by using incredible combination of 50MP resolution and blackout-free continuous advance shooting at 30 fps.

sony-Alpha1 This camera is positioned on the high end of the Alpha series. The Alpha 1 comes with a newly developed stacked CMOS image sensor and BIONZ XR image processing engine that together deliver a new dimension in speed performance with high-speed, blackout-free continuous advance shooting at 50.1M pixels and 30fps. Moreover, it gives professional photographers and cinematographers in all fields of activity greater power of expression with the world’s first 1/400 second flash synchronization speed, the first-ever 8K movie support of the Alpha series and high-speed communication that professionals need to manage their workflow.

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