Stuffcool is Looking To Be The Forerunner In Fast Charging Technology Products

Nissan Enterprises Limited is pioneer is field of Tech Accessories distribution as early as 2007. They launched their  own brand Stuffcool covering all major personal devices accessories categories such as Cases, Cables, Chargers, Enhancements, Film (Screen Protectors), Power Bank, Audio and Bags.

Hemang  Budhdeo- with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and product management is in charge of product development and operations. Jiten Budhdeo is a veteran of 30 years in sales and marketing and manages STUFFCOOL’s national level presence which is supported by over 50 distributors. Dhaval H Budhdeo who is an engineer and MBA, manages the brand’s online presence. In an interview with DeviceNext Mr. Hemang and Jiten shed some lights on Stuffcool’s journey and its innovative new products for India market.

Stuffcool’s Innovation journey

Stuffcool has always been the market leader for innovation and quality. Stuffcool launched its first PD powerbank way back in June 2018, followed by PD Wall Chargers in Jan 2019, far ahead of the curve. Stuffcool also launched first of its kind – GaN Charger in 2020 – a small high powered charger (PD65W) capable to charge even Macbook Pro/Air along with a phone/personal device, powered by a top notch US GaN chip solution. With 5G around the corner, smartphones are being equipped with larger batteries that will drive the demand for fast charging solutions. Stuffcool is looking to be the forerunner in such fast charging technology products and developing them in India to deliver products at affordable pricing for the Indian consumer.

Stuffcool-Jiten-BudhdeoAs we know 2020 was a very challenging year for every business, how do you cope with the challenges and how does the geopolitical situation make impact in India and your business?

Like all, we have also learned the new normal the hard way in 2020. But, 2021 should have a V Shaped recovery for which we are prepared. Our focus for 2021 is not only for make in India but also design and development in India. Already most of our chargers are not just assembled in India but are conceptualised from the design stage to even development and tooled in India –  our plastic parts are also moulded and made in India. Stuffcool has already started to make Wireless Chargers in India. With strong 40 years of manufacturing and product management background , founders have charted a path for made in India and are striving to bring in more and more categories into the Make In India umbrella.

What is your Channel strategy for Stuffcool ?

In new norm, OMNICHANNEL presence is the key to be successful – we maintain uniformity in our offerings so as to not hurt the Mainline retailers and Modern trade partners.

Key pillars of your business that make Stuffcool what it is right now?

Innovation. Quality. Accessibility. Stuffcool strives to provide value to their consumers’ lives – we want to provide the best quality products accessible to majority of Indian consumers.

Stuffcool-Hemang-BudhdeoTell us more about your latest and star products 

We have perhaps the largest PD ( Power delivery) charging products as shown below – right from a simple 20W PD to 38W PD covering wall chargers, car chargers, power bank and cables – and almost all chargers are Made in India.

NOVEM is basic Type C port 20W where as Celox II is USB A and C port 20W.

Celox plus is 32W where type c port can deliver up to 30w which can be used for charging MacBook air and if both ports are used, type c port will deliver PD20W and type A port 12W.

Atom QC PD is super power packed car charger where Type A port is 18W QC3 and Type C port is 20W PD, providing 38W of output from a tiny form factor.

Our Napoleon – GaN PD65W charger has won prestigious “Best Charger Award from devicenext and is super compact alternative for laptop charger with a capability of charging laptops/macbooks and smartphones simultaneously.

Going forward what will be your roadmap for 2021 product and business wise.

We wish to focus on this high power charging technology – making it accessible for more and more Indian consumers, and at the same time develop our Make In India portfolio – we want to develop GaN chargers in India as well. With all flagship phones launching without wall chargers, Stuffcool must be their first choice, go-to Indian Brand for consumers’ fast charging needs.

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