Stuffcool launches Essential Accessories for Apple’s iPhone 12 Series


Stuffcool, a leading tech accessory brand that’s made its name selling top class gadget accessories over the years have announced a series of protective cases and essentials for the newly launched Apple iPhone 12 series. The protective cases are launched in 3 brands, namely ‘Case-Mate’, ‘Pelican’ and ‘Stuffcool’. Apart from the cases, Stuffcool has also announced the ‘MightyGlass 2.5D’ Screen Protectors – the best protection for the iPhone 12 screen, two 18W Power Delivery (PD) chargers, three PD powerbanks and two Lightning cables that must be considered when opting for an iPhone 12.


Stuffcool Ice Case: A hybrid solid case with a raised lip protection and integrated knob buttons sporting total transparency to flaunt the Apple logo. Price: MRP Rs 799.


Stuffcool Spike Case: Similar to the Ice Case, but with a diamond design available in 3 Colours, Black / Red and Silver for those who prefer flaunting some nice colors.  Price: MRP Rs 799.

Stuffcool Silo Case: A special rubber-coated impact-resistant case with closed knob buttons, open ports and flexible wrap-around design, you will love the microfiber lining on the inside, available in 3 colours, Black / Blue / Pine Green. Price: MRP Rs.1,099.

Case-Mate Twinkle Ombré: Available in four different variants – Stardust, Gold, Black and Confetti, these cases have glitter (reflective foil) suspended in a transparent liquid-filled chamber on the rear.  The Twinkle Ombré is a one-piece design, made with MicroPel® Antimicrobial Protection technology, is wireless charging ready and also comes with a 10ft drop protection. Price: MRP Rs 1,695.

Case-Mate Tough Groove: This one sports a unique aurora-tinged tactile rear surface that also features MicroPel® technology, wireless charging compatibility and a 10ft drop protection for your new iPhone. Price: MRP Rs 1,695.

Case-Mate Barely There: As the name reveals, this case is just 2mm thick and built with a crystal clear scratch-resistant material which (almost) invisibly helps protect your shiny new iPhone 12, while showing off the original iPhone Colors. Price: MRP Rs 1,295.

Case-Mate Tough clear: Similar to the Barely There, but not as thin. The Tough Clear is made with a crystal clear one-piece design, with enough toughness to protect your iPhone 12 even when it drops from 10ft. Price: MRP Rs 1,695.

Case-Mate Tough Clear Plus: Liked the Tough Clear? The Plus promises even more – up to 15ft drop protection, made using crystal clear scratch-resistant plant-based plastic and induced with MicroPel® technology. Price: MRP Rs 1,895.

Case-Mate Rifle Paperl: Case-Mate has collaborated with Rifle Paper for it’s iconic illustrations and have reproduced their designs on cases.  A unique scratch-resistant transparent case with all new designs (White Hydrangea, Mini Bouquet and Floral Vines) featuring MicroPel® and 10ft drop protection. Price: MRP Rs 2,495.

The Pelican Collection: Built to protect since 1976, Pelican continues to reign as the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases.

Pelican Rogue: Made from a seriously tough material, these cases will not let anything through. Tear, pierce and scratch resistant, the Rogue also disperses the shock across itself to protect your iPhone. The case features extreme durability, MicroPel® tech and 10ft drop protection. Price: MRP Rs 1,895/ 

Pelican Ranger: Built for the frequent backpacker, the Ranger promises a tough shell for your iPhone. It features Force Impact Technology with dual-layer protection and a 15ft drop protection promise. Ranger is available in three options – Transparent, Black and Starry Night. Price: MRP Rs 2,395.

Stuffcool MightyGlass 2.5D: A 2.5D 9H hardness tough glass protection for your iPhone’s Retina display, the MightyGlass is case-friendly and comes with an easy and bubble-free installation promise without hampering the touch interference of the iPhone. Price: MRP 999

Power Delivery Chargers: We all know that in order to protect the environment, Apple has stopped giving chargers with their newer iPhones and in fact also with the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.  Apple has now started to box a USB C to Lightning Cable wherein the lightning pin can be inserted in your iPhone and the USB C should be inserted into a Power Delivery Charger to FAST CHARGE your new iPhone.  Stuffcool has been a pioneer in providing BIS PD Chargers in the India market since quite some time now.

Stuffcool Celox PD Charger: Since Apple announced that future iPhones won’t come along with a charger anymore, you would need a powerful and trusted fast charger ahead. The Celox is a stylish 18W BIS-approved Power Delivery Fast Charger to ensure that your iPhone charges quickly and at the same time safely. Price: MRP Rs 1,499. 

Stuffcool Celox Pus PD Charger: Most users today have two smartphones, and hence the Celox Plus was designed with this aspect, charge your iPhone through the USB C port and another smartphone or an iPhone through the USB A port. To help you with lighter and convenient travel, the Celox Plus is a dual-port charger with a Type-C (PD 18W) and Type-A (2,4A). Price: MRP Rs 1,699. 

Power Banks:

Stuffcool PB81PD: Need to top-up your phone whilst on the move? The PB81PD is a highly compact 5000mAh powerbank that fits snug into your pocket but is available right when you need it. This mini emergency fuel tank has dual ports (Type-C (PD 18W) + Type-A, QC3.0 compatible) for quickly refuelling up to two gadgets. Price: MRP Rs 1,999 and MOP Rs 1,699. 

Stuffcool PB2070UF: This 20000mAh power bank will never let you down on those long road trips or beachside vacations. A universal Fast Charge powerbank with multi-protocol fast charging support and high power output (PD 18W, QC3.0 compatible), you can quickly charge two devices together. It features multiple I/O ports, so cable type may not matter anymore. Price: MRP Rs 2,999 and MOP Rs 2,499. 

Stuffcool PB1071PD: Don’t need as much power storage? Then the PB1071PD will strike the right balance. This 10000mAh powerbank has all the whistles and bells of the PB2070UF while offering a compact and portable form factor. Price: MRP Rs 2,699 and MOP Rs 2,299. 

Data Cables:

Stuffcool Bolt Cable: Need extra cables for your backpack or office desk? We have the right ones here. Type-C to Lightning for your new iPhone 12, these have 1.2m-long strain-relief TPE+TPE cables and are Apple MFi Certified. Price: MRP Rs 1,699 and MOP Rs 1,499. 

Stuffcool Finesse Cable: Make your smartphone charging and use a little more comfortable while reducing the strain from the cables. The Finesse (Type-C to Lightning) has a 90° right-angled strain relief connector design with a cotton braided 1.2m long cable for prolonged toughness and durability. Apple MFI Certified too. Price: MRP Rs 1,699 and MOP Rs 1,499. 

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