TCL Introduces GentleCool Air Conditioner for Smart Natural Cooling

TCL GentleCool

The GentleCool series has a Gentle Breeze mode to make cool air feel more natural and comfortable. More than 1,000+ micro-holes disperse air gently and more widely throughout the room, so there are no uncomfortable cold drafts, just softly flowing refreshing air.

Created to connect with the TCL Home app, the GentleCool series is compatible with Google Assistant. Users can also control the air conditioner 24/7 with a smartphone, Android TV, or Alexa with simple voice commands.

Only a clean air conditioner can keep the air in your home fresh. The CleanXpress function reminds you when it’s time to clean and makes it easy to keep it pristine. Controlled through the TCL Home app, the auto clean function is an efficient system that utilizes water molecules in the air to eliminate impurities. For effortless manual cleaning, the unit is designed to be taken apart and reassembled quickly.

Responding to customers’ need for a smarter home lifestyle, TCL’s AI x IoT strategy connects a comprehensive smart ecosystem controlled through smartphones and TVs as central hubs of control.

Key GentleCool features

  • Gentle Breeze creates smooth, soft, refreshing airflow
  • Smart management any time through the TCL Home app
  • CleanXpress for auto and deep cleaning, an easy-clean design for effortless cleaning
  • Minimalist design complements any room
  • Smart Inverter ensures temperature precision and energy saving.

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