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Tech Guardians: WatchOut Wearables Transforming Child Safety


In a world where parental concerns for their children’s safety and well-being are constant, Mumbai-based entrepreneur Abhishek Baheti offers a reassuring solution. As the founder of WatchOut Wearables, Baheti, a former chemical engineer turned visionary, introduced a revolutionary concept in 2022: smartwatches for kids redefined. These are not your ordinary smartwatches with mere Bluetooth connectivity; they embody a fusion of safety, connectivity, and curiosity. Equipped with an in-built GPS chipset, 4G calling feature, and an emergency SOS button, these smartwatches serve as a lifeline between parents and their little ones. Moreover, with an anti-removal theft sensor and an inbuilt object detection scanner for interactive learning, they surpass conventional expectations.

DeviceNext had the opportunity to engage in a captivating conversation with Abhishek Baheti, the founder of WatchOut Wearables. From exploring the burgeoning market of kids’ smartwatches in India to the company’s growth post a triumphant investment received on Shark Tank India Season 2, Baheti shares invaluable insights into the journey of innovation and safety shaping the future of parenting and elderly care.

Can you please provide an overview of your company and the range of smartwatches it offers for both kids and old-age individuals?


WatchOut Wearables represents India’s pioneering effort in crafting smartwatches tailored for both children and senior citizens. Our current lineup features smartwatches designed specifically for these demographics, boasting innovative functionalities as their core value proposition. For children, our 4G-enabled advanced wearables ensure safety and connectivity with parents. Additionally, we’ve introduced an anti-fall alarm, providing caretakers with peace of mind by alerting them if a senior citizen has experienced a fall.

When we talk about unique features, we’re referring to functionalities that are entirely new to the market, such as 4G SIM compatibility, GPS tracking, Object Detection, Voice-Based AI assistance for children, Music, Games, Anti-Theft measures, Parental Controls, Podcasts, Educational Videos, and Fall alerts and temperature sensors for seniors – all integrated into one robust wearable device.
Our line of smartwatches for kids and seniors has the potential to create significant social impacts, including improved safety, increased physical activity, enhanced learning, facilitated communication, fostered independence, an alternative to traditional phones, strengthened social connections, and enhanced access to health information.

What specific features do you incorporate into your smartwatches to cater to the needs of two distinct demographics, namely children and older adults?

Our unique features represent cutting-edge functionalities that are pioneering new categories in the market. We’re proud to introduce India’s first smartwatch for kids, with plans underway to develop a smartwatch tailored for elderly citizens, equipped with features designed to alert caretakers in case of a fall. These features include:

  • 4G compatibility, enabling seamless video or voice calls for children to stay connected with their parents, alongside GPS tracking for added security.
  • Object Detection, allowing children to scan objects and receive definitions and translations.
  • Voice-Based AI assistance for kids, providing answers to questions on various subjects such as current affairs, mathematics, and general knowledge.
  • Availability in over 20 global languages and 5 Indian languages.
  • Entertainment options including music, games, anti-theft measures, parental controls, podcasts, and educational videos.
  • Fall alerts for seniors.
  • Temperature detection capabilities for seniors.
  • SOS buttons for both seniors and children, ensuring immediate assistance when needed.

Are there any particular challenges or opportunities you’ve encountered in marketing your products to these demographics?

In our industry, a unique challenge arises from the disparity between the purchaser and the end-user. While our smart devices are typically bought by parents, they are primarily utilized by their children. This dichotomy complicates our audience targeting efforts, as we must appeal to the interests and preferences of both parties simultaneously. Moreover, as we expand our product offerings to include wearables tailored for seniors, we encounter the additional complexity of catering to a diverse range of users. Maintaining a cohesive brand identity and ensuring brand recall in such a multifaceted market landscape becomes imperative to our success as a niche wearable provider.

Despite the challenges we face, the market for our products remains largely unexplored, presenting us with substantial opportunities for growth and expansion. With the increasing adoption of wearable technology and the growing emphasis on safety and connectivity, particularly for children and seniors, there exists a significant untapped market waiting to be addressed. By strategically positioning ourselves and capitalizing on emerging trends, we can seize these opportunities and establish ourselves as leaders in the industry.

What challenges do you face in terms of regulatory compliance and industry standards, particularly with products targeting vulnerable demographics like children and older adults?

We encounter minimal challenges with this device, as it operates within a controlled environment between parents and children. Additionally, we ensure compliance with all standard regulatory requirements applicable to the wearable technology industry, including but not limited to certifications such as BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). This adherence to regulatory standards underscores our commitment to safety, quality, and reliability in our products, instilling confidence in both our customers and regulatory authorities.

Your company received funding from Shark Tank. Could you share how this investment has impacted your business growth and development?

Undoubtedly, the effects have been overwhelmingly positive. Our sales have experienced a threefold increase, a testament to the resonance of our products with consumers. Furthermore, we’ve observed a significant uptick in brand visibility and acceptance across the market landscape. However, the pivotal challenge lies in preserving and nurturing this newfound momentum. It is imperative that we continue to innovate, engage with our audience, and deliver exceptional products and experiences to ensure sustained growth and success in the long term.

Data privacy is a significant concern, especially with products catering to vulnerable populations. What measures do you take to safeguard sensitive information collected by your smartwatches?

The app on parents phone and the kids watch gets locked the first time it is scanned hence leaves no scope of vulnerability. The watch is a controlled safety gadget, monitored by only parents.

What is your company’s roadmap for expanding its presence in India?

Up until now, our distribution strategy has predominantly focused on online channels. However, in a strategic move to expand our market reach and enhance our offline presence, we are now embarking on a plan to onboard distributors. By tapping into offline distribution channels, we aim to capitalize on opportunities in brick-and-mortar retail spaces, thereby reaching a broader audience and strengthening our brand’s footprint in the physical marketplace. This strategic shift aligns with our overarching goal of diversifying our distribution channels and ensuring accessibility to our products for customers across various touchpoints.

Where do you see the future of smartwatches for kids and older adults heading in terms of technological advancements and user adoption?

User adoption precedes technological adoption in this context. Currently, there is minimal market awareness of such products. I anticipate that it will take approximately two more years for these devices to achieve comparable adoption rates to that of smartwatches for younger demographics, which are ubiquitous among today’s youth. Given that these devices operate with SIM cards, their advancement will be closely tied to improvements in network stability and infrastructure upgrades. This evolution represents a crucial step forward in enhancing the functionality and reliability of these devices, ultimately facilitating broader acceptance and integration into everyday life.

Are there any upcoming innovations or features in your product pipeline that you’re particularly excited about?

Indeed, our AI Kids watch is scheduled for launch in the latter half of this year. Additionally, we have strategic plans to introduce a product targeting the economical segment, priced between 2.5K to 3.5K. In the senior category, our roadmap includes the launch of a slimmer model designed to enhance convenience and better cater to the needs of our target audience. These initiatives underscore our commitment to diversifying our product offerings and catering to a wider range of consumer preferences and budgets.

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