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Tele Audio Video Pvt Ltd: Pioneering Innovation in Made-in-India Manufacturing


Tele Audio Video Pvt Ltd, based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, is a leading ODM/OEM manufacturer renowned for its diverse range of made-in-India products. With a vast factory spanning 25,000 sq ft and equipped with five assembly lines, dedicated PCB assembly, injection molding, and advanced R&D and quality control units, the company specializes in USB data cables, Bluetooth speakers, wired earphones, and AUX cables. DeviceNext had the opportunity to interact with Dhruv Garg and Sarthak Garg, Directors at Tele Audio Video, where they offered insights into the company’s evolution, leadership, manufacturing capabilities, and technological advancements.

Q: Can you outline the history and evolution of Tele Audio Video Pvt. Ltd. and its response to changing market dynamics over the past two decades?

Tele Audio Video Pvt. Ltd. was established by our father, Mr. Krishan Avtar Garg, in 2001. Initially focused on manufacturing televisions for brands like Televista and Jolly, we later shifted to contract manufacturing of CD/DVD players. By 2011, we became the largest amplifier supplier to Ahuja Radios. Recognizing the surge in demand for mobile accessories in 2020, we expanded to produce data cables, now manufacturing 2 million monthly. Since 2011, we’ve also supplied PCBs to Ahuja Radios and diversified into assembling portable speakers, trolley speakers, and wired earphones for various brands. This adaptability has been pivotal to our sustained growth amidst market fluctuations.

Q: Can you elaborate on how the company’s vision, particularly under the leadership team, has contributed to its ongoing success?

Founded by Mr. Krishan Avtar Garg, our company thrives on his vision of growth through technological innovation and unwavering commitment to quality. As part of the younger generation leading the company, we drive aggressive business strategies and prioritize innovation to stay ahead of market trends. Our focus on robust marketing efforts and strong global partnerships, particularly in China, ensures we introduce cutting-edge technology to the Indian market swiftly. Moreover, heavy investments in research and development enhance our product offerings, positioning our customers as market pioneers. Our dedication to innovation and quality continues to propel our company’s growth trajectory.


Q: Can you outline Tele Audio Video Pvt. Ltd.’s manufacturing capabilities and production capacities across different verticals?

Our business spans two main verticals: mobile accessories and PCB/amplifier manufacturing. In NOIDA, we operate two factories, one exclusively for Ahuja Radios products. Our second factory focuses on mobile accessories, including USB data cables, portable and Bluetooth speakers, wired earphones, and PCB assembly. USB data cables constitute approximately 80% of our turnover, with a monthly manufacturing capacity of 2 million units. We adapt to evolving technologies, offering cables from traditional USB to the latest 100W and 240W variants. Portable and Bluetooth speakers account for 10-12% of turnover, while wired earphones make up 5-8%. Our commitment to high-quality production ensures we meet diverse customer demands.

Q: Do you perceive challenges to the Make in India initiative due to the reliance on imported components from China, and if so, how are you addressing them?

Our reliance on Chinese imports doesn’t stem from a lack of availability in India, but rather from the current limitations in local manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure. To truly excel in this regard, significant investments in capital and resources are essential. Encouragingly, we’re witnessing progress, with major players like Tata entering the chipset manufacturing sector, which bolsters the Make in India initiative. As these developments unfold, sourcing high-quality components locally is becoming increasingly feasible, reducing our dependence on Chinese imports. With continued effort and investment, we believe India can achieve a self-reliant manufacturing ecosystem.

Q: What are the latest market trends or technologies you’re observing, and how do you integrate them into your products or services?

Technology is ever-evolving and focus on continuous innovation will only keep you one step ahead. We’re particularly noting the increased power and capabilities of smartphones, driving a need for faster charging solutions due to higher battery consumption.

Previously, our focus was primarily on USB to Micro USB and Type-C cables. However, we’re now developing high-power delivery cables capable of 100W or even 240W, drastically reducing charging times. We closely monitor global technological advancements and bring them to India, benefiting our customers with cutting-edge products while supporting the Make in India initiative. Our dedicated R&D department constantly explores new technologies, allowing us to offer differentiated products that meet evolving customer needs, ensuring we remain competitive in the market. This proactive approach aligns with our commitment to supporting the Make in India campaign while delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

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