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HULK NFT is on Instagram @HULK and has already built up an impressive following with posts ranging on the Crypto Bull Society, Bored Ape, Hapebeast, and the $10bn Facebook investment into the Metaverse.

The rapid rise of the site is down to a clever mix of easy to digest headlines followed by greater detail in the main text for those who want it. Individual mainboard posts get thousands of likes and the Instagram page has already become one of the go-to outlets for big players in NFTs to market their new collections.

The posts also incorporate expert commentary from top influencers in the NFT crypto space that offer additional insight.


In the past few months several NFT news portals have sprung up to offer insight into this rapidly growing market, but few have captured the imagination of the Gen Z and Millennial NFT speculators as quickly as @HULK.

A quarter of their audience are under 24 years-old, 29.8% are 25-34 years old, 47.6% are 18-24 years old and 14.1% are 13-17 years old which creates a prime marketplace to showcase collections. There is a 60/40 male to female split and 70% of the audience are based in the USA.

The Instagram page also has an archive feature for drop alerts, NFT News, Inventory and NFT education which is updated daily.

NFT collective Crocsleague said: “There are quite a few NFT news sites out there on social but @HULK NFT is definitely one of the best. It’s really objective information about the latest drops with news that is really up-to-date. Also it’s presented in easy to digest form. It definitely worked for us, just two recent posts on @HULK managed to sell $800K of crocsleague NFTs when we rolled out our first edition of Crocs League animated crocodiles.”

HULK NFT is owned by Hawk Incorporated and operates out of London, UK, and the business plan in the future is to dominate the NFT marketplace with user friendly and informative NFT information.

At the moment the content on the site is created organically by the in-house team and is based on the latest breaking news in NFTs. They are now offering the opportunity for new NFT artists and creators to market and promote their latest digital collectibles.

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