Through Coolita’s relentless pursuit of innovation, the brand hopes to transform how people use TVs in the past and usher them into a new smart TV era.

Raul Hua, General Manager of Coolita Global Business Department

coocaa is a leading provider of smart TV’s, system R&D and content operating systems, striving to help its customers around the world “Explore, Discover, Create”. Founded in 2006, coocaa has established operations across Europe, India and Southeast Asia. With a mission to promote intelligent lifestyles through its innovative technology, coocaa is committed to developing smart and trendy products that feature sleek and fun designs to meet the needs of the younger generation. DeviceNext recently interacted with Mr. Raul Hua, General Manager of Coolita Global Business Department to know more about coocaa and Coolita OS and their offerings for India market.

Q. What is the roadmap for the brand? How many TVs are you planning to launch?
As we move forward, coocaa and Coolita will continue to invest in strategic partnerships with companies across the industry ecosystem, from content providers, TV brands and smart function providers to IoT support providers, e-commerce platforms and hardware suppliers, to provide high-quality products and content that delivers seamless and immersive entertainment experiences to consumers around the globe. In the coming years, Coolita OS will integrate and develop faster running internet speed, additional OTT content, exciting games, and a range of TV benefits for CC Plus online users. This integration will not be limited to the layout of the TV system, but also to peripheral devices that will be added to enrich the playability and interest of the system.

Q. Could you please share details of the India team in terms of the number of people currently working with the brand and how this will be expanded?
Now in India, we have a team of over 100 people. In addition, the mother company of coocaa established the
India factory in 2019, with a peak amount of over 2,000 staff, and an annual production capacity of over 5 million.

Q. What makes the smart TVs from Coocaa different from those offered by the big players?
With people all around the world naturally spending more time at home nowadays, consumers are constantly on the lookout for more home entertainment options. With Coolita OS, a variety of exciting content is just one click away, all accessible in one convenient entertainment hub. With a click into CC Plus, a comprehensive integrated streaming platform, users can access popular global and local video and music contents. It also provides users with personalized, localized content recommendations based on viewing habits. Users can use their own Android phones to project the media content of the mobile phone to the TV screen without TV’s WIFI or network. Users can also select from a wide variety of pre-downloaded lite cloud games, such as puzzles, strategy games, sports games and much more. Users can also browse through thousands of online music videos, nature documentaries, and educational shows in the YouTube 2021 app.

TV’s are fast becoming the go-to hub for gamers. As many gaming fans will agree that speed is everything, delaying by even one second can be a win-or-lose situation. Coolita OS has got gamers covered. Featuring a “Game Mode” that supports a low latency of less than 20 milliseconds, users can switch this mode on when they connect to an external game console via HDMI or join a cloud game. This reduces the motion blur of high-speed moving pictures, delivering a smooth gaming experience and ensuring users will not miss a beat in the game. Coupled with “Eye Protection Mode” which creates a comfortable low-blue-light environment, users can have hours of fun with family and friends.

coocaa-TV-S3UQ. Why should customers go for Coocaa TVs? And what is after-sales service like, besides the quality of panels, etc.?
Technology has changed the way we live, work and play. With more time spent at home and over-the-top (OTT) content becoming more accessible than ever, there has been a noticeable shift in video content consumption habits from traditional broadcast channels to OTT services. A recent survey showed that 180 million consumers across Southeast Asia are streaming a total of eight billion hours of OTT content per month. At the same time, Southeast Asia is the world’s third-largest region of Internet users, with an Internet penetration rate that exceeds the global average. The all-new Coolita brand is the response to these evolving consumer needs. Backed by its rich engineering expertise in the smart TV industry. On September 1 st , 2021, Coolita launched its first TV operating system (OS) version, Coolita OS 1.0, with Southeast Asia as the entry point. Coolita OS is a lite WebOS based on Linux kernel. Boasting 512MB low memory configuration, fast performance, and a simple user interface, it offers a lighter, smoother, and more convenient smart TV experience, perfect for those looking for a trendy, wallet-friendly entertainment hub for their homes Coocaa is also offering its new users a one-year comprehensive service warranty across India through more than 50 service centers.

Q. How is Coolita OS different from Android and what kind of guarantee are you offering in way of future updates? What kind of service partners do you have?
As the first smart TV in the world to feature Coolita OS 1.0, the coocaa S3U Pro features a 32-inch Direct View LED (DLED) screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. With a screen ratio of 16:9 and five picture modes to choose from (Standard, Vivid, Game, Movie and Sports), the TV adopts a series of picture quality enhancement technologies to deliver outstanding details, optimize colors and reduce noise to present true-to-life pictures. In addition, it delivers a rich and immersive audio experience with two 10W high-power single speakers, coocaa Sound AES (Audio Enhanced Surround) technology, as well as Dolby Audio effects. Coolita OS is a lite Web OS built on Linux kernel that offers a lighter, smoother, and more convenient smart TV experience. With a “Cool & Clear” design concept in mind, Coolita OS 1.0 features a simplistic and easy-to-navigate user interface. Coolita OS 1.0 is only just the start of this innovation journey. Our team is committed to enhancing the OS and will continue to add new value-added features to the service, including users’ favorite apps, cloud games, and OTT streaming platforms. Initially available in Southeast Asia, Coolita OS will gradually be rolled out across more markets around the world in the near future. The introduction of the Coolita brand signals so much more than the launch of a new TV OS. It marks the beginning of building a new and content-rich smart TV ecosystem. Thanks to ongoing collaboration between industry partners, it will offer users from around the world a smart and seamless, personalized, and localized TV viewing experience.

When it comes to partners, Coolita has an exclusive chip supplier as our strategic partner. We have integrated popular local content providers and, globally we have OTT suppliers like Youtube, PLEX, WeTV. Our strategic partners include MOJI Weather, Seraphic and QJY, etc. Our suppliers and strategic partners also include the eye-protect-function and game mode by SKYWORTH R&D team, are our suppliers and strategic partners too. Through Coolita’s relentless pursuit of innovation, the brand hopes to transform how people use TVs in the past and usher them into a new smart TV era. The Coolita team is excited to explore and advance in this new technological direction, stay tuned for more updates to come.

Q.  Is the company looking at establishing India as a R&D base?
Currently, coocaa owns a global top 7 design center and 3,127 TV-related patents. coocaa has also established the coocaa Picture Quality Lab, which is a first in the industry as well as developing a comprehensive professional picture quality test sequence library to create the best picture quality for its TVs. coocaa will continue to invest in innovating technologies to bring cutting-edge and smart tech gadgets to the young generation across the globe.

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