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Top Reasons to own a Fitness Band

OPPO Band Style

Fitness Bands have become key accessories to have during such testing times. These gadgets have evolved into technology that helps our day-to-day tasks more effectively and efficiently. Such bands have the potential to provide health benefits in everyday living by allowing self-monitoring of personal activities; obtaining reaction and feedback based on physical outcomes; allowing for in-app surveys to identify patterns of behaviour, monitoring Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2 & supporting bi-directional communication with doctors and family members.

Especially in these trying times, it is all the more important to monitor your oxygen levels as well as heart rate. In many cases where people are battling breathlessness due to oxygen level drops, monitoring your clinical status at home is crucial

Let’s find out more on how these bands can keep your vitals in check!


Carry your health tracker wherever you go

From monitoring your heart rate to constantly examining your SpO2 levels, the fitness band provides breathing quality assessment at all times – even during your sleep time or when you are running!

With Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)Monitoring and professional sleep monitor features, these bands can help users develop healthier sleep habits. The built-in optical heart rate sensor can monitor the user’s heart rate around the clock. If the heart rate becomes too high, the smart band will vibrate to warn the user of irregular heartbeat. With the band measuring heart rate during exercise, users can avoid over-training and learn what pace they need to keep ensuring that they are progressing towards their goals.

Track your Physical Activities

These bands can now monitor your heart rate and physical activities as well. Bands with different workout modes helps us monitor Fat Burn Runs, walks, yoga or Any other form of indoor physical activity.

Such wearables can help track everything from steps per day, your heart rate, calories burned, and much more. Tracking apps also work great because they help many of us to meet our daily fitness goals and push us beyond our regular activity and help us set new goals and trends.

Track your Intakes

We all know a healthy diet promotes physical and mental well-being. While we all trying to follow a routine, it is very easy for us to lose focus or get distracted. Meal Planning, Calorie count, developing healthy eating habits, and sticking to a schedule are much needed for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Goes beyond just tracking

These bands also improve your well-being by providing you access to apps designed around specific health conditions like diabetes and mental health apps that encourage us to maintain a healthy lifestyle more conveniently. Brands have also added a stress monitor feature that reminds you to take a breather and is calm based on elevated levels of stress signals in your body. These trackers are no longer just limited to help you improve your physical health but also provide a holistic approach towards your mental health too!

The OPPO Band Style also features the Spo2 sensor which is very helpful in these times as it helps track the variability of oxygen levels in your blood. Continuous SpO2 can be monitored as you sleep, which can also provide you with sleep duration and sleep stage records.  Not just this, it also provides around-the-clock heart rate monitoring which reminds you to move with caution by sending a vibrating alert. Whether you’re at rest or pushing yourself for that last lap, you won’t have to miss a beat.

In times such as these, these gadgets just wont record your activity but will also help interpret results that will help you map your progress. Blood oxygen levels will continue to be the spotlight this year with doctors using it as key metric to check for Covid – 19 cases.

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