“Under The Prevailing Conditions We Are Aiming At 30% Market Share in India”


Founded in 1997, CyberPower at its advanced technology manufacturing facilities, they build a comprehensive line of power protection products, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Power Inverters, Surge Protectors, Mobile Chargers, power management software and computer peripheral accessories.  Whether you are an IT professional working in a corporate data center, an owner of a small-to-medium business, or a consumer using electronic devices at home, CyberPower has  now serving wide range of power solutions to safeguard critical equipment and valued data. In an interaction with our Editor in Chief, Jayanta Ghosh, Mr. Sandeep Shirodkar, Business Manager – All Vertical and Marcom, Cyber Power Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. detailed about their new 2021 product line various other business solutions from Cyber Power.

Can you tell us more about your new 2021 product line?

CyberPower Specializes in high quality power protection Products. CyberPower is the leading provider of professional power management solutions thanks to our abundant resource from concept to marketing. With the target at global branding, what we provide is not only an award-winning engineering excellence but a reliable and innovative power protection for the sense of secure.

Recently we have launched UT650EG Line Interactive UPS in India market. The UPS guarantees power protection for computers, networking equipment, and storage devices. The product adopts line-interactive topology with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) function to offer stabilized AC power output. The patented GreenPower UPS Bypass design achieves ultra-low power consumption to reduce energy costs and allows a lower operation temperature which extends battery lifespan.


Another Best-in-class product launched is Solar Hybrid Power Generating System CPSHB300ETR. It works with solar panels, generators and utility power to provide Pure Sine Wave power, keeping various electronic devices powered on through any situation, especially suitable for homes and camping. It can store energy into built-in and external battery packs as a standalone power supply when the public grid is not available. The product’s high tracking efficiency design ensures maximum energy yield from solar panels, and its portable design with USB charging ports can charge your mobile devices anywhere.

What are the latest trends in power solution?

Energy efficiency is now a strategic initiative in increasingly power-reliant industries such as datacenters, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and consumer electronics. Power utilities, which traditionally are opposed to the adoption of new technologies, are now realizing their benefits and heavily investing in them. Cybersecurity is receiving the maximum attention from power companies to protect grids from cyberattacks. Power utilities have realized the crippling effect that cybersecurity issues can have on the grid and are willing to heavily invest to guarantee protection.

Energy storage installation among end-users (renewable energy generators, grid operators and distributed generation) is expected to witness larger growth due to smart grid development. The financial aspect of energy storage in a wide range of applications and the falling system cost would likely result in the rapid growth of battery energy storage solutions. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are emerging as crucial for energy storage.

Renewable energy production has not yet met the mainstream milestone of 24/7 availability. Across the globe, there needs to be a focused and disciplined mandate to address climate change, pollution, and the unreliability of energy grids. Power outages have gone beyond inconvenience. We depend on power for our personal safety and financial livelihoods. People are now rethinking how much power is a part of their lives. Along with food, water, shelter, Power is now one of the most important required components of modern life.

How CyberPower solutions helping businesses grow?

Today the main expectations of the consumers, who are more aware of technology and other aspects than ever before, are looking for features such as quality, reliability, green performance, etc. when making products-related decisions. To meet the growing demand for Green IT products, CyberPower has designed the efficient GreenPower UPS Energy-Saving Technology. As one of the industry’s leading UPS manufacturer at the international level, CyberPower has incorporated green practices throughout the operation in addition to high quality, reliability and durability, including the full compliance to the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), in accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) protocols, certification of ENERGY STAR, receiving ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and IECQ QC 080000 HSPM Hazardous Substance Process Management Standards. CyberPower also ensures the “Greening” of all its packaging practices and materials to ensure the maximum contribution to the environment.

CyberPower is a highly approved brand worldwide. Besides being of proven High Quality and Reliability, our products are 15-20% less expensive compared to competing brands. Our products are different from other products on the positive side in terms of technology and features. India is a growing market with 60% forming the middle class who have the money and who are on the lookout for better products. They need value for their money, and they are looking for innovative products with the latest technology and features. We are sure that we can impress upon them. Under the prevailing conditions we are aiming at 30% market share in India” said Mr. Sandeep Shirodkar – Business Manager, India.

Tell us about your solar power solutions and its use case scenario.

CyberPower, dedicated to the field of solar energy for years, has developed the 3-phase Grid-tied Inverters for users to produce their own power from solar energy. By working with solar panels, the inverter converts direct current into grid-compliant alternating current, which can be used for electronic equipment. Moreover, users can feed the excess power into utility grid and make profits by selling surplus electricity.

Solar energy can be used for variety of purposes like as heating, drying, cooking or electricity, which is suitable for the rural areas in India. It can also be used in cars, planes, large power boats, satellites, calculators and many more such items, just apt for the urban population. Solar energy is environment  friendly and inexhaustible. In an energy deficient country like India, where power generation is costly, solar energy is the best alternate means of power generation.

By working with solar panels, the product can provide renewable and clean energy, which enables users to save energy costs, help the environment, and use unlimited resource of solar energy. It is designed to achieve up to 99.9% tracking efficiency by adopting Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the product can yield the most power available, providing users the highest amount of solar energy.

Why India is a key market for CyberPower, what are the opportunities you can foresee?

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. In the last half-decade, the economic growth has steadily accelerated and most importantly, remained very stable. This growth has been driven by robust socio-economic policies of the government, an influx in the domestic and foreign capital and rise in disposable income and consumption among many other positive attributes.

CyberPower has been offering services to small businesses in India and with the new online direct sales mechanism, small businesses would have a smoother experience in buying solution fitting their needs. The support is also extended to whenever required by SMBs in their shift to digital technology. The computerization initiatives taken by the Central and state governments, besides the public sector undertakings, are among the major factors driving the UPS market. The SME segment is also showing a growth trend and will fuel the demand for UPS systems in the coming years. Today the main

expectations of the consumers, who are more aware of technology and other aspects than ever before, are looking for features such as quality, reliability, green performance, etc. when making products- related decisions.

In recognition of the commitment in innovation, excellence, and efficiency, CyberPower has adopted international safety certificates including UL, UL CTDP, TUV and C-Tick throughout the organization to ensure the best degree of perfection.

As the global power management solution provider, CyberPower has been continuously offering high- efficiency power management products, ranging from UPS, PDUs, Power Inverters, Surge Protectors, Mobile Chargers, Solar Energy System, Power management software, to computer peripherals. With more than 20 years of experiences, CyberPower provides excellent hardware and software integration while keeping focusing on green solutions to the broad fields that the brand serves. CyberPower manufactures professional-grade high quality power protection equipment. These proven, trusted power management solutions meet the most critical requirements of home offices, small-to-medium businesses, corporate offices, healthcare, government, and education facilities.

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