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We Are Putting Major Of Our Research And Planning Towards Stepping Up Our Online Presence


Brand Foxin started its journey in June 2006, with Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd. at the driver’s seat. Foxin has been successful in creating an extra edge in a highly competitive market of IT hardware and Mobility products.

As a brainchild of experienced professionals, Foxin has created a niche in the market. They stay on top of market trends by developing innovative collections. They have also eliminated the geographic barriers by introducing an E-Commerce platform to promote online sales of high-quality products at affordable prices.

Mr. Rajendra Seksaria, Chief Managing Director, Balaji Solutions Private Limited shares his thoughts on how BSPL revisited their strategies, rationalized product ranges as well as optimized & streamlined e-commerce & distribution networks during this pandemic in conversation with our Editor in Chief, Jayanta Ghosh.


As an industry leader how are  you assessing this situation and keeping yourself relevant?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shaken various industries profoundly. One such industry that has got the hardest hit from COVID-19 is the manufacturing sector. The lockdown across the country has brought this industry to a standstill putting a halt to the entire global supply chain. We are left to face challenges like short-time work, a decrease in demand, disruption in the distribution chain, etc. As manufacturing and distributing company, BSPL is mapping out scenarios, reviewing previous assumptions about the crisis, and critically analyzing our structures to keep the company moving.

We must remember that with a challenge, comes opportunity and we must always work towards the future. Our focus has always been on ‘Innovation’ and ‘Quality’ and we will continue bringing in new products for our customers. The onset of this pandemic has shown the world our dependency on technology and this has increased in the coming days. The lockdown led to the adaptation to a new way of functioning i.e ‘work from home’ leading to an increase in the demand for Laptops, Monitors, and Headphones. The other change that can be seen across age groups is being health conscious. Staying fit and keeping a track of one’s health has led to an increase in the demand for TWS, Smartwatches, etc. So, this gives us a good opportunity to cater to the needs of our customers and we are working towards fulfilling the same.

According to you what kind of role the Govt. should play in this situation, which can make a positive impact in the market?

As far as the Government is concerned, they are dealing quite well with it already. We just need to follow the basic guidelines and parameters as and how provided towards the betterment of this dire situation. The Government is leaving no stones unturned to get Indians vaccinated. Stepping up the vaccination drive across states would be something that can be done. As far as the 3rd wave is concerned, we are hopeful that the country is much more prepared with its medical infrastructure. I believe being patient is the key. And things will fall in place quite soon.

Manufacturers face a tough situation due to lockdown, supply chain, raw materials logistics, etc. what is the way out?

The lockdown leaves us with no choice but to face tough situations as they come on our way. At BSPL, we revisited our strategies, rationalized our product ranges as well as optimized & streamlined e-commerce & distribution networks during this pandemic. Despite the current situation, we have some basic demands that we are fulfilling and expecting the rest to get back in structure. With the government policies in place and citizens being responsible, we are in a state where we wait and watch and be careful about our movement.

As a brand how have you restructured your operations?

The ongoing lockdown has led to a change in the way we work. We are working under restrictions and have adapted to the ‘work from home’ strategy for all our employees. We are in constant touch with all our channel partners, factory workers, and employees making sure that they are safe and motivated during these tough times. We have taken care of every possible means to ensure that our supply is adequate and does not hamper the demands of our customers.  Since the last lockdown, we have witnessed a boost in our online scope which has made us restructure our strategy. We are putting major of our research and planning towards stepping up our online presence.

Your assumption about the opening of the market & aftermath of this lockdown?

I believe, our fight with the COVID -19 virus would not end with the opening of the market. However, I am optimistic that slowly but steadily we will be back to normalcy. Till then, we will continue to follow all guidelines laid down by the Government. We will ensure our worker’s hygiene and safety practices at our workplace, continue to manage performance at our factories while ensuring remote working policies remain in place.

Once the market opens, there will be an eagerness in the market where we will see more and more people who have adapted the e-commerce trend. This will be a trend that will allow us to upscale in the market.

India is a large country with a huge population of 139 crore people. Monitoring such a huge number is a tough job to do. Looking at the nature and the diversity of our country, we have done quite well in terms of vaccination. As it is rightly said, “Change is the only constant”, this situation will also change and we will jump back to normalcy very soon.

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