We are witnessing a positive shift in consumer demand towards home audio products.


Home theatre systems have gained significant demand among the consumers during the recent years. With the “stay home” situation and movie theatres being shut, people are willing to upgrade their home entertainment system and enjoy movies at the comfort of their home.

Our Editor-in- Chief, Jayanta Ghosh spoke to Mr. Gyanendra Singh, Head of Audio Business, Sony India to understand how the home entertainment industry evolved and also to know about the new products HT-A9, HT-A7000 and 360 SSM technology, here are some excerpts from the conversation.

Q. How has the home entertainment industry evolved over the couple of years? How has the demand for home theatres affected, why are people spending on soundbars and better viewing experience?
The need to have an elevated entertainment experience has been on consumer’s mind for a long time however the stay-at-home period in the last couple of years has enhanced this demand even further. Hence, we are witnessing a positive shift in consumer demand towards home audio products. The trend can be attributed to the need for upgrading home entertainment as people are spending more and more time at home and want their home entertainment experience to be more high quality and immersive. This in turn has led to a spike in demand for upgraded soundbars and home theatres.


Q. There is significant surge and demand for premium TV with advance audio technology, why should a consumer still invest in an additional home theatre setup?
Even while premium televisions these days come equipped with good quality audio, however still consumers want to further enhance their home audio experience with the support of a suitable home theatre set-up which enables them to enjoy more immersive and cinematic entertainment experience right in the comfort of their home.

Q. Throw some light on the Latest Audio Technology HT-A9 & HT-A7000 offers?
The HT-A9 and HT-A7000 comes with Sony’s revolutionary technology 360 spatial sound mapping which creates an immersive surround sound by creating 12 phantom speakers. Moreover, both these models are Dolby Atmos enabled and can playback Hi-Resolution and 360 Reality Audio.

Q. How the hassle-free connection and placement we can do with HT-A7000 & HT-A9? Has the demand for wireless sound systems seeing a rise?
The HT-A9 consist of four identical satellite speakers which can be placed asymmetrically according to the room space and there is also an option to hang the speakers on the wall or place them on the table. Due to Sound Field optimisation feature, these speakers can measure the distance and ceiling height to articulate the sound waves so as to achieve an immersive sound. The HT-A7000 consist of soundbar and wireless subwoofer and the wireless speakers can e purchased additionally.

Q. What is 360 SSM and how it will feature to give you the immersive surround sound?
360 spatial sound mapping is Sony’s revolutionary Audio technology, which is a combination of two technologies that is, sound field optimisation and monopole synthesis. With this, the speakers auto calibrate and detect the height and position of each speaker and produce a 12 phantom speaker to give an immersive and surround sound.

Q. Is A-Series compatible with gaming devices?

Yes, it has a HDMI eARC and 4K/120 pass through so that PS5 can be connected through HDMI.

Q. After COVID-19, how has the audience viewing changed to OTT content?
The past couple of years has brought about behavioural and lifestyle changes in people, including a change in their media consumption. Due to extended stay home phenomenon, consumer’s need for entertainment at home has been very high and OTT platforms have seized this opportunity by bringing fresh and high-quality content to consumers.

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