We Have Been Aggressively Increasing Our Portfolio


STAUNCH is a brand made in India, incorporated in 2014 with an aim of providing high quality products
in an affordable price. As, the name “STAUNCH” suggests, they aim to stay loyal and committed to its
customers by providing them the best quality products and be a part of their lifestyle and fashion.
Moreover, Staunch also manufactures products like EV batteries, Mobile batteries, mobile phones, data
cables, power banks, audio accessories and energy storage solutions.

Jayanta Ghosh, Editor in Chief, DeviceNext, interacted with the young and dynamic  Director of Staunch Electronics India, Mr. Uditanshu Agarwal, about India’s manufacturing scenario and how they are building the complete ecosystem for the future.

Why do you feel it’s better for brands to now manufacture products in India?
At present, Staunch manufacturers products like Mobile Batteries, Mobile Phones, Cables and Power Banks in India and has recently started manufacturing EV batteries, Audio Accessories and other Energy storage solutions. It is proven to be imperative for brands to manufacture in India as more consumers are putting their trust in Indian manufactured products, especially after the initiative ‘Make in India’ was taken by our Prime Minister. Going local has been always the motto of Staunch. We have been aggressively increasing our portfolio, especially since the government has chalked out a Production Linked Incentive scheme for EV battery manufacturing.


What kind of product offering Staunch is giving to the Indian market?
Our focus is to do OEM for brands in India who plan to sell products under their brand name. We want to help them procure the material locally. Products ranging from all types of batteries, power banks, mobile phones, cables, audio accessories and personal grooming. With all this range we aim to offer the most affordable items with superior quality.


Right now what is the production capacity in different segments?
Manufacturing capacity for different items is 2 million for batteries, 500k for mobile phones, 1 million for data cables and 500k for power banks.

Going forward what are the different categories you are looking for?
As we have recently started manufacturing EV batteries, going forward we are planning on manufacturing Solar batteries, Inverter Batteries and other types of batteries for energy storage. EV batteries for vehicles like scooters and e-rickshaws etc. Switching to green vehicles is an ongoing process in India. People are realizing the need to opt for electric vehicles to reduce vehicular emissions and save fuel. Electric Vehicles are the future of India. They are environment and cost-friendly. Now that our Government is supporting it through the FAME II scheme that offers schemes to the end customers.

We believe at Staunch that we have to keep innovating into different products/ categories so that we
become customer’s first choice.

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