We Saw An Opportunity To Become One Stop Solution For All The Indian Mobile Accessories Brands


Mandeep Cables Pvt. Ltd. (MCPL) is a reputed Manufacturer of a wide assortment of electric wires, networking cables, cords and from basic level USB data cables to the technologically advanced PD range. MCPL has gained huge client base all across the nation and presently catering to the needs of the domestic market successfully. Formulated way back in 2000; MPCL has risen through thick and thin to become one of the most celebrated brands of today. We at DeviceNext got a chance to interview Mr. Mankirat Singh, Director, Mandeep Cables & Shervan Electronics to know how this 25 year old brand evolved and now serving major brands by producing 2.3 million units per month.

*Tell us about the brand inception, and how have you started?

We are a 25 year old wires and cables manufacturer. I’m a third generation entrepreneur into this business. This business was envisioned and started by my grandfather who came to India from Pakistan (Sialkot).  We make all types of wires and cables in LT segment later we begun to diversify into assembly of the wires and cables back in 2005.

So, coming back to answer about brand inception,  we never thought of this brand or sat down for conceptualisation. It’s something that we had to make our ways into. We had started manufacturing data cables  for Indian mobile manufacturers back in 2013-2014 when this concept of manufacturing data cables in India was fairly new. We were amongst the first to put our hands into this business back then.


As we are all aware of the challenges and subsequent erosion of the Indian mobile brands in the Indian market, it also impacted our business in a negative way.  Instead of reminiscing about what could have been and blaming our stars, we saw an opportunity to become one stop solution for all the Indian Mobile Accessories brands. And today, we can proudly say that we work with almost all top mobile accessories brands in India.

* Brief about your journey so far, major milestones if you could elaborate on

So once the top Chinese Handset Brands had bombarded the Indian market with their products and marketing stints, this led to erosion in demands for Indian mobile brands. We had to sit idle for almost a year or so, with minimal or no production as we were dependent on them. During this time we were fully engrossed in the R&D of the new products and the technology that the Chinese brands were bringing with them.

We got our first opportunity with some Indian mobile accessories brands and were appreciated for the quality of the product and since we’re a 25 year old company, they were highly appreciative of the systems and quality.

* What is the current production capacity and what are the various product lines you are manufacturing in India

We have a production capacity of 2.3 million units per month.  We are manufacturing from a basic entry level USB data cables to the technologically advanced PD range. We take pride  in introducing our latest technology as make in India.

* Why do you feel that this is the right time brands should start trusting on home grown products

Oh, I have felt this way before our current PM asked us to become ATMA NIRBHAR.

The reason I feel this is because I personally want to exhibit the fact that, we as Indians can conquer foreign manufacturers (read ‘Chinese’) in quality. It’s just a matter of time when everyone will actually appreciate what we Indians are capable of.

My customers sometimes can’t believe that our products match the same aesthetics and performance of Chinese products.

Since we have  R&D team working on these products and can interact with the customers and understand their customisations/requirement better we can actually make their experience with us better than China.

* Latest Products

Since we are up to date with the entire product range in data cables. We had last introduced the feather in the cap  by successfully testing the 100w cable, we are now  thinking of diversifying and exploring the audio segment for mobile accessories which includes TWS, neckbands and earphones.

* Going Forward

Yes we will be planning to double our data cable manufacturing, once the COVID fear gets  settled and we can have some agreements which are pending for sometime. And obviously as discussed we are planning for audio products once the R&D is done.

We see India as becoming a manufacturing hub and international exporters in electronics in the next 5 years. With the right push from the government (which can be seen already happening with the PLI schemes in electronics manufacturing) in that direction, we believe we already are on the track. We, as an organisation, would like to be ahead of the curve and will plan our capital investment in the same way to target our future revenues. Our soul aim is to become one of the best electronics and cable manufacturers in India.

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