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What Gizmore Say About Tech Trends of 2023

Gizmore-Sanjay Kalirona

Sanjay Kalirona, Founder, Gizmore

2022 has been a phenomenal year for Gizmore, and we have emerged stronger as a brand and added more loyalists to our fanbase. One of the reasons for this growth can be accredited to the rapid adoption of IoT devices. The IoT industry in itself has grown threefold in the year 2022. In the post-pandemic world, smartwatches have rapidly been adopted as people continue to prioritize health. Other IoT devices that have gained prominence include dash cameras, smart lights and switches.

We have consolidated our positioning in the smartwatch space and launched innovative feature-packed devices at affordable price points. We have constantly stayed ahead of the competition and forced even the market leaders to follow us by offering much-in-demand features at affordable price points. Our recently launched Gizfit Glow is the best AMOLED smartwatch with an Always-on display at an unbeatable price. We are the first brand to launch a smartwatch that oozes luxury, has classical looks, and is yet pocket-friendly. Through our well-etched-out strategies, we have been able to clock 300% growth in the segment.

Keeping pace with the changing times, we have also made a conscious effort to change our packing and use more sustainable and reusable materials.


2022 has also been a significant year for us as we reduce our dependence on China and focus more on Making in India. We have also strengthened our online presence and forged exclusive partnerships with major online retailers. Additionally, we have branched out as a D2C brand. Our efforts in this space have been well rewarded, and we look forward to 2023.

Technology today is evolving rapidly, and consumers’ dependency on it also continues to mount. Artificial intelligence has played an essential role in making our world smarter. AI-enabled devices and apps will continue to make our lives easier and more convenient. More users are now adopting voice-enabled devices that allow multi-tasking. They will continue to use apps to give them water reminders, regardless of whether they are thirsty.

In the coming days, affordable GPS-enabled smartwatches will gain traction. GPS-enabled smartwatches are particularly helpful in capturing health-related data such as sleep, step count and monitoring heart rate. In 2023, consumers will also be inclined to everything bigger – from bigger TVs to bigger smartwatches, appliances, and phones. Consumers will continue to seek products that enhance their experience.

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