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What Kodak Say About Tech Trends of 2023

Super Plastronics-Avneet Singh Marwah

Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (a Kodak Brand Licensee)

Kodak’s key highlight for the year 2022 was definitely the launch of our QLED TV. We are very proud of the innovation that we brought in for our audience. The release got a huge spike in our sales with the model selling out almost instantly. This also made us the 1st Indian manufacturing brand to launch the first ever Google QLED TV in the country.

Other than this our other releases across segments too have helped our brand jump spots to become a category leader. We have had something new for each of our buyers – based on their budget and tech preference. Next year during Q1 and Q2 itself, we will be coming up with many other offerings for across categories that Kodak offers. We have been saying it time and again that the 55 inch TV is growing to be a favourite amongst buyers. It is becoming the new 32 inch TV that has enjoyed its reign for a very long time in terms of sales. Customers are opting for larger sized televisions given the growth in OTT content.

In the coming year/s 5G network is set to grow. The government is putting in a lot of work into making the technology available across the country and making it reach as many locations as possible right from tier 1 cities to rural towns. Technology wise we will also see the majority shift from 2K to 4K.


Currently most of the regional content in vernacular languages are available in 2K only but with 5G the shift to 4K will be set. Buyers, as discussed, will also move to bigger screens given the growing accessibility of 5G. The infrastructure for optic fiber cable is in full swing too.

With all of this, customers will also now buy TV sets with better accompanying features with respect to sound quality as well. Features such as Dolby Vision, Atmos, IMAX will be preferred.

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