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What MediaTek Say About Tech Trends of 2023

MediaTek-Anku Jain

Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India

As a leading provider of chipsets for smartphones and smart devices like voice assistants, smart speakers, smart TVs and Chromebook, MediaTek is committed to deliver on the promise of technology democratization, enabling a powerful portfolio of devices catered to a wide range of use cases across different category of customers. With our ground-breaking innovations across the diverse chipset portfolio, MediaTek continued to break the barriers of power and performance in 2022.

The consumer gadget market in India is evolving fast, aligning with the accelerated pace of digital adoption across all industry verticals. The network also plays a vital role in this evolution, and so, with 5G, the growth of gadgets is expected to attain a new scale in India. We expect the following trends, which are evolving globally as well, to make significant impact in the consumer devices segment:

  • 8K video streaming: While devices capable of 8K video streaming are already there in several markets, their popularity will rise in the coming months in India. Driven by the need to do more, better and at faster speeds, smartphones capable of 8K video shooting and streaming will be the fad in 2023. Driven by this trend, we also expect smart TVs with 8K capability to gain popularity simultaneously.
  • Metaverse, AR & VR: We are moving to an era where technology is able to create our better selves in the virtual world, opening infinite possibilities in areas like entertainment, healthcare, education, business and shopping and more. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and metaverse are behind these innovations. Devices and technologies supporting these trends are evolving faster. The evolution of devices across the three verticals will also push the technologies to new scales. For example, VR glasses and VR -enabled smartphones will see major upgrades in terms of graphics, video, memory and processing power. This will demand more processing power and graphics capabilities in the underlying architecture, i.e., chips.
  • IoT and smart homes: The IoT world is evolving faster, connecting millions of devices across smart homes, industries and public infrastructure facilities. This is likely to grow further with the superior connectivity delivered by 5G. Though we don’t expect large-scale adoption of 5G in India in 2023, the adoption of smart home devices like smart speakers, smart TVs, voice assistants, fitness devices, and other intelligent gadgets is likely to rise dramatically even among 4G users. This will further raise the demand for chipsets that offer advanced connectivity and greater energy efficiency.

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