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What Wings Say About Tech Trends of 2023

Wings-Vijay Venkateshwaran

Vijay Venkateshwaran, Co-founder & Head of Marketing, Wings

For 2022, the Wings Phantom, which is our series of gaming earbuds, has been the largest driver. Currently, we are the number one brand in the mobile gaming segment on Flipkart and on Amazon. From an innovation point of view, it primarily has been the ultra-low latency, which is the main characteristic of these gaming gear. But that has been a differentiation and a game changer for this year’s growth. Low-latency is a very important factor for mobile gamers, when it comes to the gaming experience. Apart from that, it’s basically just an innovation in terms of our usage of our own designs, and mobile gaming gear, but that also comes with a very important requirement of aesthetic and design, which caters to the gamer rather than a regular lifestyle customer. These are the two things that we worked on primarily low-latency and our own private design.

I think, for next year, the consumer demand is going to become beyond just hardware features like latency or sound quality or band, etc. These are all hardware related features, I think now for the consumer there is going to be an app and a software ecosystem that is going to become very critical for both wearable as well as mobile devices. So that’s where our focus will be in terms of giving the consumer a 360-degree experience by developing our own app, which complement our device. For instance, Phantom 800, which is actually the first product of those series, which is rolling out next year, we’ll have many more like this, which is going to come compatible with its sync app. It will have customizable EQ, through which you can customize your touch controls.

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