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World’s First Biomedical Application Mask that Revolutionizes Face Mask


Taer Innovation has won design awards including Good Design award from 2012 to 2014 Golden Pin Design award, Taiwan Excellence award in 2014 and Computex d&I award in 2014 for their products.The company focuses on medical innovation and technology. The company’s filtration masks consist of physical filtration, based on the nanoporous structure of the membrane (PTFE) as the barrier, infused with micro-current electric field filter (Bio-electric technology), along with biocompatible medical silicone.

It protects wearers from airborne pathogens and is an essential safety device during the COVID-19 pandemic and in an environment with airborne health-threatening conditions. The mask features a snug yet comfortably fit, to protect against airborne pathogens. It comes in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XLand in two colors, black and transparent.

Improved Safety and Wearability

The filtration mask is made of medical-grade silicone, which is biocompatible and has good anti-allergic properties. It reduces allergies and “rubber” feelings and does not cause skin allergies, is easier to clean, and will not wear off.


Our strategic partner, Nex-Sicommitted to researching and developing the world’s only new technology, the Ion technology successfully developed the new plasma surface treatments for RTV silicone and electroplating products. With the application of biomedical materials, the plasma silicone surface treatment is as smooth as baby skin, greatly improving product quality. It is different from other common silicone products and/or rubber watchbands, which are generally processed with a layer of oil, making the watchband softer and more comfortable to wear. Consequently, this triggers the allergic symptoms of wearers while RTVmask does not.

RTVmask has excellent resistance to weather and infection. It passes the testings of SGS, FDA, and additional biocompatibility (skin irritation, skin allergy, cytotoxicity) related food.

The RTVmask uses the unique nanotechnology – high PTFE spec membrane technology – to provide comprehensive protection; nearly 99.7% filtration is observed, which is higher than that of the N95 mask. With 70nm membrane physical filtration, utilizing the nanoporous structure of the membrane, 99.9% of particulates larger than 0.075μm can be filtered. Furthermore, 95% of oil particles can be blocked. The RTV mask is waterproof, air-permeable and oil-resistant, providing effective and perfect defense.

Not only do the company employ PTFE filter technology that gives 99.9% protection, but also a patented physiological electric field-induced antimicrobial impact, which helps to kill viruses and bacteria for up to seven days. The technology uses the metal powder matrix of the embedded micro battery to generate an electric field, for which the moisture in the breath generates a conductive medium, harnessing the power of electricity to reduce risk of infection. It can be eliminated within one minute after contact, resulting in damage to the structural integrity of the virus and reduction in the virus’ ability to infect.

A silicone mask that fits better and lasts longer

The RTVmask combines several distinct silicone substances in one device with optimized protection:
  • A silicone outer layer for softness and temperature control
  • A silicone gel layer to reduce pressure and provide cushioning
  • A hardened silicone frame to provide shape support and wearability
  • A soft, adjustable rubberized silicone for straps to ensure a more comfortable fit
  • A negative pressure ventilation designed to ensure fresh air quality
  • An adjustable titanium binding bridge designed ergonomically to ensure perfect fit
  • An electric field generated on the micro-current filter to inhibition bacteria and viruses.
  • A patented and sustained broad-spectrum antimicrobial sterilization for up to seven days
  • A unique nanotechnology high PTFE spec membrane technology to provide 360-degree total protection
  • A 70nm membrane physical filtration utilizing the nanoporous structure of the membrane, in which 99.9% of particulates larger than 0.075μm can be filtered and, furthermore, 95% of oil particles can be blocked.
  • Bactericidal against gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, Klebsiella pneumonias Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli

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