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zingbus and Sheru join hands in a strategic partnership to scale intercity e-mobility


India’s largest branded intercity bus service provider, zingbus, and Sheru, a leading provider of innovative battery management and energy storage solutions, have joined forces in a ground-breaking partnership aimed at scaling e-mobility for intercity commutes.

Under this strategic partnership, zingbus plans to add 2200 electric buses and 4000 electric cars to its fleet over the next 5 years. zingbus will utilize ScaleBat, Sheru’s cutting-edge battery management solution to ensure efficient battery management. ScaleBat offers advanced features for optimizing battery performance, reducing operational costs, and extending battery life, thereby enabling zingbus to maximize the potential of their electric vehicles.

In addition, zingbus will leverage Sheru’s NetBat platform to monetize idle time by connecting electric vehicles to Sheru’s energy storage network. The cumulative battery capacity of zingbus’s electric fleet is estimated to be around 1 GWh. By utilizing NetBat, zingbus can offer energy storage services during periods of low vehicle utilization, unlocking new revenue streams and contributing to efficient management of energy infrastructure.

This partnership upholds zingbus’ commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. By scaling its electric fleet, zingbus aims to offset half a million tons of carbon emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting more than 22,000 trees.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sheru to accelerate our transition to sustainable intercity transportation,” said Prashant Kumar, co-founder & CEO of zingbus. “With their expertise in battery management and energy storage solutions, we are confident that we can drive innovation together and create a greener future for the transportation industry.”


“We are excited to collaborate with zingbus in their ambitious electrification journey,” said Nakul Mehan, CTO of Sheru. “Highways form 60% of emissions from transportation in India. zingbus has immense potential to lead sustainability for highways, being the most trusted brand in intercity commuting.”

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