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5G Powered Displays Revolutionizing the Monitor Market in India: Insights by ViewSonic India


Rapid technological development has been positively altering several industries at an unprecedented rate for the better part of the last decade. With the merging of 5G technology with monitors is one of the most remarkable changes in consumer electronics. India, a nation renowned for its insatiable thirst for technological advancements, is currently seeing a revolution in the monitor market, particularly in the online gaming sector, driven by the incorporation of 5G connectivity.

Online gaming is experiencing rapid expansion within domestic borders and globally, commanding higher revenue and increased market potential and share. Millions of active online gamers in India are spread geographically; many need help to experience gaming the way it should be because of glitches in internet connectivity and lag in the display units.

As per predictions, India’s online gaming market is expected to grow from an estimated $2.6 billion in FY22 to an estimated $8.6 billion in FY27. This data demonstrates a rapid growth trend following the pandemic. The surge can be attributed to the advancements brought by the 5th Generation (5G) technology, given its ability to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, enhanced reliability, extensive network capacity, and consistent user experience. 5G provides improved performance and efficiency and empowers novel user experiences.


These factors attract gamers, offer them a smooth gaming experience, and generate interest in innovations. Particularly in India, there were 507 million gamers in FY22, and by 2025, there are projected to be 700 million.

The Technology Boost

The development in the online gaming sector also leads to the advancement in the hardware and software segments, especially the display units/monitors. With the rising demand for better, faster and improved devices, companies started working towards monitors with a higher refresh rate, lower response time, adaptive sync, transparent displays, and 2K as well as 4K gaming monitors to provide a seamless gaming experience to gamers.

Additionally, brands also started offering monitors for every price category to cater to each purchasing segment and maximize the sales reach. Another positive change that the industry saw was certifications. Companies ensured the new products were certified with certifications, including Blur Buster, an industry standard for a powerful and lag-free gaming experience. The immersive experience for the professional and beginner-level e-sports player is now the standard for purchasing any display unit. Brands offering life-like screens, no-lag gaming, and multi-connectivity are preferred.

Long gaming sessions might pose health risks, including eye strain and pain. We also have manufacturers who provide eye-care features in their monitors to combat this and give their products a competitive edge. Though this technology is not new to the market, the demand increased during the online gaming revolution.

In terms of hardware, the most recent monitor units have daisy chain capabilities that enable the display unit to be connected with additional units to the desktop or a laptop, enhancing efficiency. The monitors also come with ergonomics with pivot, tilt and height adjustment options, making one gaming setup much more responsive, productive and stylish.

The New Trends

The 5G connectivity means faster internet and a robust network. This opens the door to many gaming trends in the country that e-players can now explore.

Cloud Gaming, multiplayer experiences, easy access and unique AR and VR games will spoil players’ choices. We will also see new highlights in adaptive AI gaming that will require faster monitors and give an experience like never before, making gaming more realistic, challenging and intuitive for the players.

To sum it up, with the integration of 5G, the visual display industry is booming, resulting in the advancement of the online gaming industry. This development will prove to be a positive curve for the market as brands will invest in upgrading their product line, paving the way for innovations in terms of designs and tech. The industry is also looking towards increased investment by the market players for R&D and heightened production to meet the demands. With approximately 500 million online gamers in the industry, the sector will contribute significantly to the economy.

Authored by: Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales & Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic India

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