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AIWA India Unveils Sentakki Semi- Automatic Washing Machine In India


AIWA India, launching its Semi automatic washing machines in India for the first time ever with automation. The washing machine is designed to meet the strictest requirements for drying, cleaning, and washing delicate clothing. The series appeals to a picky consumer base that searches for fresh, industry-leading goods. The range starts from MRP 14,990 to 21,990 for the semi-loaded in 7.5kg, 8.5kg, and 9.5kg.

The state-of-the-art washing machine offers you the newest smart home experience with its high-performance features, which includes magic filter, aqua jet pulsator, sanitization, shock resistance panel, and many more. It is also easily customized and comes with cutting-edge technology.

The series launched in AIWP75P- GR in Grey, which will be complemented by a plastic top. In terms of advancement, it has a Lint filter as a barrier and shielding machines from damage, high spin capacity and active soak will provide deepest cleaning, 2.5 inch deep Aqua jet pressure to improve agitation, and finally, anti bacterial washing technology.


With a toughened glass top and a weight of about 8.5 kg, the AIWP85T-BR in Burgundy and the AIWP85T-GL in Gold each have their own unique features like a high spin capacity, an aqua jet pulsator, active soak, sanitization, a magic filter, and a shock resistance panel to increase the appliance’s dependability when using water. The end-of-cycle buzzer helps you efficiently manage your time and lets you know when the drying process is about to speed up by two times.

The weight of the AIWP95T-BL in blue and the AIW95T-BR in burgundy is 9.5 kg. Along with having a toughened glass top, it also emphasizes the best features, including an end of cycle buzzer, an aqua jet pulsator, a high spin capacity, active soak, sanitization, a magic filter, a shock resistance panel, and two times the drying power.

These machines are environment friendly as it saves electricity. It is designed in such a way that it will save your time by its 5 minute high capacity spin, which helps drying the clothes in just 5 minutes, it is embedded by tough dirt removal the continuously scrubbing removes dirt in just a single wash, its 3D scrub technology washes 14 kings size bed sheets in one go, the magic filter is equipped with triple layer filter.

Ajay Mehta, Managing Director, AIWA India , says, Sentakki series comes with high quality Japanese technology standards that AIWA has been known for over the past 70 years. We introduced AIWA  India’s range of luxury speakers and TV to the Indian market. Customers who thoroughly investigate products before making a purchase and who won’t settle for less than the greatest quality, features, and technology are the ideal fit for our washing machines.

“We are dedicated to producing top-notch goods and offering them to Indian customers.  AIWA India’s washing machine category is expected to grow to be the largest in terms of value, and numerous additional product categories will be introduced afterward.

Given that it uses less electricity, the machine’s are advantageous for the environment. Its 5-minute high capacity spin, which aids in drying clothes in just 5 minutes, and its embedded tough dirt removal feature are designed to save you time. With its 3D scrub technology, which washes 14 king-size bed sheets in a single wash, the continuously scrubbing eliminates dirt in just one wash, and the magic filter’s triple layer filter

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