Akai Home Audio HA-TS50 Tower Speaker Review


In order to get a great movie watching experience on your brand-new TV, there has to be an external speaker system in place. The internal speakers of the TV aren’t powerful enough  on all the Smart TVs to be heard properly and also often tend to compromise on the quality. Not only the movies, the music too sounds just terrible on them.

The best solution, in this case, is to get tower speakers or a soundbar for your TV and have a wholesome watching experience. What would be better if these speakers can also connect to your smartphones via Bluetooth and play music via it?

AKAI recently launched a new single stand tower speaker to enhance your TV experience as well for small family house party.


akai-Tower-speakerHighlighting Features AKAI TS50:

The AKAI TS50 is a single stand tower speaker with in-built mic jack and compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices: Including Apple, iPhone, and iPod, most Android devices and other smart devices for simple wireless audio streaming. AKAI TS50 tower features an on-board Guitar Wireless Mic USB reader and TF card slot to play MP3 music files or plug-in any device via Aux. Tune-In to your local stations: With the built-in FM receiver you can tune into all your local red hot music stations. It has a 50W output with dual high- performance hetros drivers.


Good speakers can really bring your music to life (even at home!). The AKAI TS50 tower speaker are designed for cinema-quality excitement. The design helps elicit a better response in the lower midrange, a truly rich sound from within, featuring ground-shaking bass and a powerful amplifier. This speaker leverages the advancements in Bluetooth technology along with top-notch components and design to offer a very capable audio experience. With vibrant highs and authoritative bass, this speaker gives you a complete listening experience when it comes to fidelity.

HA-TS50-Tower-Speaker-audio-pointThe acoustically-inert, furniture-grade MDF cabinet construction also reduces resonance and distortion, so you get rich, detailed audio the way it’s meant to be heard—minus the muffled noise and rattled disruption inherent in low-quality, lesser-than audio equipment. It plays anything– Pen Drive, SD Card, ipod, ipad, PC, Laptop, FM, Guitar & also Bluetooth.HA-TS50-Tower-Speaker-power-button

Overall sound quality of AKAI TS50 tower is decent enough to enhance your movie experience and its controlled bass output is good enough to set your mood for a house party. But as it has no battery you have to keep it connected to electricity, so limitation to carry it around or place it anywhere. Also we felt that  design element is bit flat, and front panel is bit dull as not much lighting options and button design are very basic. Also no space to hold the speaker to carry around. Apart from this the speaker is worth enough and give much better sound output then any other speaker in this price range.

Verdict: If you have a limited space and want a single tower speaker which can enhance your TV viewing experience and also use for occasional house parties with karaoke mic and guitar, then this might serve your purpose.

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