Ambrane Lights Up the Festive Season with Innovation and Offers Galore


As the festive season dawns upon us, Ambrane, a name synonymous with cutting-edge technology and innovation, is all set to dazzle its customers with an exciting array of products and a slew of special offers that will undoubtedly elevate your tech experience. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Ambrane’s latest offerings promise to add a sparkle to the upcoming festivities.

Mr. Ashok Rajpal, Managing Director of Ambrane India, expressed his excitement, stating,  “Ambrane has built a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality and affordable tech solutions, and this festive season is no exception. Among the much-anticipated offerings is the Fyre smartwatch, designed to keep you connected and stylish while on the go. The Fyre smartwatch is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, and with an affordable starting price, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.”

For those who are always on the move and need a reliable power source, Ambrane introduces the PowerLit Ultra Lite – an 85W power bank that packs a punch. It ensures that your devices stay charged throughout the festivities, allowing you to capture every moment without the fear of your battery running out.


Keyboards and mice are essential tools for both work and play. Ambrane brings you the KeyPop, a versatile wireless keyboard and mouse combo that caters to your productivity needs. If you prefer a wired keyboard, the KeyFlex is an excellent choice for a seamless typing experience. And for those who desire precision and mobility, the SliQ 2, a wireless mouse, is designed to elevate your computing experience.

Ambrane is not stopping at personal gadgets; they’ve got your home and office covered too. The SmartStrip, a power strip and extension board, is designed to make your life easier by accommodating multiple devices in one place. It’s a perfect solution for managing your electronic clutter and optimizing space. If you’re constantly juggling between charging multiple devices, the RAAP G65, a high-performance 65W GaN wall charger, is here to simplify your life and deliver faster charging.

But what sets Ambrane apart is not just its commitment to innovation, but also its dedication to ensuring its customers get the best value during the festive season. This year, Ambrane offers a wide range of special promotions and discounts that promise to bring a smile to your face.

Ambrane understands that during the festive season, budgets can be tight. Therefore, they are offering a mouse starting at an unbelievable price of just ₹99, making it easier for everyone to get their hands on essential accessories. The power banks, which are a must-have for any tech-savvy individual, are available from just ₹599, ensuring that staying charged doesn’t break the bank.

Chargers are often overlooked but are crucial for maintaining our tech lifelines. Ambrane offers chargers starting at ₹149, so you can always have a reliable source of power at your disposal. Cables, an often underrated necessity, are also part of the festive offerings, with prices as low as ₹99.

And for those who have been eyeing a smartwatch to enhance their daily life, Ambrane has a delightful surprise. With a range of smartwatches starting at just ₹999, you can now experience the convenience and style of a smartwatch without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ambrane doesn’t stop at individual products. This festive season, they are rolling out exciting combo offers that make for the perfect Diwali gifts. These combo deals offer a mix of essential tech accessories that cater to various preferences, making them ideal for gifting during the festive season.

Ambrane is not only about products but also about an experience. The brand is committed to providing customers with the best choices and the most memorable shopping experience, ensuring that your festive season is not only special but also technologically superior.

The festive season, especially during Diwali, is traditionally the most prominent period for electronic and product sales. Ambrane anticipates a substantial boost in sales, driven by the appeal of our new product lineup and irresistible offers. Furthermore, the improved purchasing power of consumers in the post-pandemic era adds to our optimism. We are confident that our products and offers will resonate with customers, contributing significantly to our festive season sales performance.

Ambrane has set ambitious yet achievable goals for the upcoming festive season. Our primary objective is to establish ourselves among the top 5 prominent players in the IT sector within e-commerce, securing a significant 10% market share. We are also steadfast in our commitment to maintaining our leadership position in the powerbank category and our broader charging portfolio. These objectives reflect our dedication to delivering exceptional products and experiences to our customers during this festive season and beyond.

So, as the festive season approaches, look no further than Ambrane for the latest in tech innovation and unbeatable offers. Whether you’re upgrading your gadgets or looking for the perfect gift, Ambrane has got you covered. It’s time to embrace the future of technology this festive season with Ambrane’s exciting product lineup and incredible deals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your tech experience and make this festive season one to remember.

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