BenQ India’s Super 30 Partner Trip to Australia: A Remarkable Venture to Strengthen Relationships and Collaborations

BenQ India Super 30 Partner Trip to Australia

BenQ recently concluded its annual Super 30 Channel Partner Trip to the breathtaking landscapes of Australia. This exciting excursion aimed at fostering stronger relationships, celebrating successes, and enhancing collaborations within our esteemed network of 30 most trusted and premium partners across the country in product categories such as Projectors, LCD Monitors, and Interactive Displays. The Super 30 partners were also accompanied by their spouses to spend some quality time.

Scheduled from November 17-25, the Super 30 Channel Partner Trip to Australia was an immersive experience amidst the stunning beauty and vibrant culture of this remarkable country. The partners got to explore iconic landmarks, indulge in unique culinary delights, and engage in insightful discussions aimed at charting the path for future collaborations.

“We are incredibly excited to offer this immersive experience to our valued top 30 channel partners. The Super 30 Channel Partner Trip to Australia aligns with BenQ’s commitment to nurturing strong and enduring partnerships,” said Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India. “This trip is more than just an opportunity to explore Australia’s beauty; it’s about strengthening partnerships, fostering camaraderie, and collectively shaping a successful future.”


“It was my first time ever joining an Annual Partner trip. I got to spend a lot of time with our Super 30 partners, and it gave me great insight and time to build an everlasting bond with them,” said Jeffrey Liang, President, BenQ APAC.

“The trips are always undoubtedly special not just because of the remarkable destinations and journey but also because of the family that comes together. Each expedition is a timepiece to hold on forever and definitely a golden moment of reflection on how far we’ve come together in this journey! 🧿 Thank you to the team and Rajeev sir for always being so warm and welcoming. Always looking forward to such joyful times with Team BenQ ☀️,” – Ranveer Singh Rana, Insat, Delhi.

“Thank you to Rajeev Singh and the BenQ team for an unforgettable Super 30 Trip to Australia 2023. Your efforts and organization made this journey a lifetime memory. Cheers to more adventures together! 🥂✈️” – Deepak Gupta, Digitrons, Nagpur.

“The Super 30 Team is Driven by Super Hero Hritik Roshan in the Super 30 movie. Here, our Super Hero Mr. Rajeev Singh makes sure that we All Enjoy those 8 Super Days and just have Fun and only Fun, No Business talk, and we all really forget and just Enjoy those 8 days with TEAM BENQ,” – Satis Taneja, STECH Pune.

“A corporate Family Tour! Recently, we, the Super 30 BenQ dealers of Bharat, enjoyed a family trip to Australia. It was like a big family, headed by Mr. Rajeev Singh, who inquired about everyone earnestly. While planning the trip, they not only think about the dealers but also take care to make the dealers’ family’s enjoyment with comfort. Choosing the right Locations and right Tour Partners/ is also remarkable. The group of 60+ people was seamlessly managed, and all activities were executed in a disciplined manner but with pure joy. Arranging proper Indian food at least once a day in a foreign country must be appreciated. Waiting eagerly for the next such trip… BenQ …. ThanQ!” – Prabhanjan Patwardhan, Logic Systems, Nashik.

“The trips organized by BenQ under the complete thorough planning done by Rajeev Sir show his extreme passion for travel. Australia was one such example of showing, doing different activities to their best in a limited time frame. All adventures were a great experience and memorable. We always look forward to more moments of fun times together!!!🤩👍🏼” – Chetan Sanghvi, Sangvi Computers, Bangalore.

“The BenQ Super 30 trip to Australia was easily a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. Alongside the thrill of exploring Australia’s diverse landscapes, relaxing, enjoying, and immersing ourselves in its rich culture, the most cherished aspect of the trip has to be the time we spent bonding with each other. Thank you, Rajeev sir, and BenQ team for recognizing the importance of fostering strong partnerships and providing us with this extraordinary opportunity to strengthen our connections while exploring the wonders of Australia,” – Jitender Singh, Horizon Technologies, Delhi.

“Happy Trip with the BenQ Family; Hearty Thanks to BenQ and its captain Mr. Rajeev Singh sir for this wonderful initiative of Super 30 celebration for partners, it really means a lot, and this one week we are totally enjoying the awesome trip! It was well organized and managed. Once again thanks to BenQ and all Members/Partners of the trip for making this celebration a lifetime good memories with lots of fun and enjoyment.”- SowriRajan, ABS, Puducherry.

“One more mesmerizing experience with team BenQ. Fantastic location, Delicious food, full of adventure, and scenic beauty. One cannot forget the efforts to design such a tailor-made trip to give an unforgettable experience to the valued partners Super 30. Thanks to Rajeev sir, Mr. Jeffery, and the entire team BenQ for “Bringing enjoyment N quality to life”. 👍 Many more to come.” – Mukesh Mehta, ORNO, Mumbai.

“BenQ – an industry leader in product innovation & partners’ care” – Chandresh Vithlani, iLife IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Pune.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible Australia trip provided to the top 30 partners (Super-30) of India. The journey through Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney was a truly enriching experience. Your generosity and thoughtful planning made this venture unforgettable. Thank you for fostering such meaningful connections and creating lasting memories,” Sanjay Nayak, Innoverts Network Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru.”

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