Best 5 budget-friendly gadgets for college students; 2022


Gadgets in the modern age are used for more than just meeting basic needs; they are a source of creating an intelligent ecosystem. It helps students in various avenues of daily life, practical understanding and upskill themselves by proving their prowess in the respective fields. Here are the top 5 pocket friendly gadgets that will benefit college students in enhancing skills and engaging with professionals.

Renewed Smartphones from ControlZ

Smartphones are the most tech-friendly and compatible solution for staying connected. Even in remote areas with hybrid cultures or online learning, mobile phones ensure education for all. Right from the start of engaging with industry leaders to gaining experience through freelancing or remotely working with brands, it can also help them earn some pocket money. Enabling them to download some of the most helpful student apps, it provides access to homework help apps, time management apps, and socialisation apps on your phone. Hence, helping students with better organisational skills and time management throughout college days.


But with this emerging technology and trend of adapting these communication devices comes a substantial amount of e-waste which is even extremely difficult to recycle. Renewed Smartphones from ControlZ are one of the most viable options available that reduce the e-waste generation through renewing the pre-owned devices. The brand provides as good as new, premium range of smartphones at extremely affordable prices. ControlZ currently offers renewed iPhone and Oneplus devices with 18 months of industrial leading warranty.

Smart Notebook

The digital age brings with it a new problem. On the one hand, it is much easier to keep notes organised virtually than in a stack of notebooks; on the other hand, it is more convenient to scribble them down in a notebook in the first place.

Enter the hybrid solution: a reusable notebook. Made out of a non-porous synthetic material that can be wiped clean, the pages of a reusable notebook provide you with a paper-like surface to write or draw upon. Scan the result when you are done, and you are ready to use the page again.

The most popular option out there is the Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook. With 32 pages and a specialised pen, a student can take notes for multiple classes before having to upload the pages to the cloud and start over again. This approach is not only more adaptable, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

Arctic Fox backpack with USB charging and Anti – theft design

Gifting a college student with a laptop backpack is a cliche. But what if that backpack could also charge their devices and has a built-in anti-theft design?

Backpacks with USB charging ports are surprisingly handy and will help students while running to and fro to college. A student can slot in their existing power bank to keep their phone topped up while running from class to class without walking around with a dangling cable. Additionally with the anti-theft design technology the Zipper of the main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag, so that no theft will easily open your backpack.

Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock

No one likes being woken up by a beeping alarm. Yet getting up on time is crucial for a college student, and an alarm clock is extremely important. But what if it could gently nudge you out of bed?

This is the idea behind sunrise alarm clocks. Instead of an irritating sound, it uses a gradually brightening light to wake you up. The intensity ramps up over time, simulating a sunrise, naturally breaking you out of sleep.

There are many options in this space, from reputed brands like Philips to other cheaper alternatives. In addition to serving as an alarm clock, these devices can double up as reading lamps, making them an excellent gift for any young student.

JBL Tune 760NC


At times college or dorms can be extremely noisy yet students may have to complete their assignments. The noise-cancelling headphones allow students to create a quiet environment amidst noise from roommates or people at a park. You can study without distraction from roommates or preventing them from engaging in their normal duties.

JBL is another premium audio equipment manufacturer which allows muting the external noise with ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones. Apart from helping in noise cancellation it also helps students destress themselves with its soothing sound.

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