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Best Cameras for Jewelry Photography

There is no such thing as best camera for jewelry photography. It is more the way you use a camera than the type of camera that you must use to capture jewelry images.

True, there is a wide range of cameras in the market and one might wonder which to go with. Indeed, you would be looking for the most appropriate shooting setup to achieve the best result.

Jewelry photography is notorious for nuances. Items may be too small, but you need to show the details in much clarity. Gems are reflective and warrant a certain kind of dexterity on your part to come out clear of reflection. Stone colors are yet another issue that needs your skill and attention.


To start with, you have various types of cameras and shooting props to deal with these issues. There are DSLRs, mirrorless, point and shoot and even iPhones that you can use for crisp jewelry photography. You need not buy a very expensive camera though you must be aware of the features of what you intend to buy.

The quality of photography can reduce your jewelry photo editing cost and time, so you should select a better quality of camera for professional look of products.

The following are some suggestions that you might find useful.

A DSLR camera is what may come to your mind when you set to buy a camera for jewelry photography. You need not go to a higher end though. A basic DSLR will be sufficient for your need. All you need is a good macro lens along with your DSLR.

A budget-friendly DSLR that can get you started with is Nikon D3500. It is compact and offers great maneuverability. Image sensor is larger enough to give you a sharp and clear picture. Some of the best macro lenses that can go with Nikon D3500 include Nikon AF-S Micro-Nikkor 105 mm 1:2.8 VR and Nikon AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor 40 mm 1:2.8G.


A mirrorless camera is more like a DSLR, only differing in the way they allow you to see the target object. A DSLR uses a sophisticated mirror system to allow you to see a target object as it is and this works great in low light situation and when the object is moving very fast. A mirrorless camera, on the other hand, offers an electronic viewfinder, which shows the result on an LCD.

While you are not sure about the end result with a DSLR, you are completely in control and know exactly what to expect with a mirrorless camera. You can even adjust settings and see the end result prior to clicking a photo. Sony A6000 is light with simplified operation and suits perfectly for a beginner.

Point & Shoot
Although these cameras are small and much less expensive compared to DSLRs and mirrorless, they are not recommended for a jewelry photo-shoot. You cannot tweak settings for shutter speed and aperture, which can be very important to do away with reflections and capture true details and colors. They might work for larger items, such as necklaces, but they are generally not very useful for jewelry photography.

Bridge Cameras
A bridge camera fills the gap between a DSLR and a point & shoot camera. Although it allows you to change settings like a DSLR does, but it doesn’t offer the flexibility to change lens and shoot the subject in raw format. They fail to achieve results that you might get using a DSLRs or a mirrorless camera.

You can’t do away with the usefulness of a DSLR or even a mirrorless camera. They are indispensable for a professional jewelry photographer despite high prices. Buying a DSLR seems to be a good investment and the time spent to learn its nuances is probably the best. If you want to add natural shadow and reflection on white background you should select for retouching process.

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