Best Fitness Apps with Online Communities to Keep You Motivated


When you decide to embark on a fitness journey, it can be a challenge to stay motivated over a sustained period. This can steer us away from our goals. In such times, a community of like-minded people can provide the right support. Communities offer a platform to voice opinions and share thoughts as well as provide a space where people are understood and accepted without any judgement. More importantly, they enable members to encourage, motivate, and help one another on their fitness journeys, thus developing a sense of belonging.

Here are some of the best fitness apps that are building a strong online community and helping users achieve their fitness goals:

  •  Fittr: It is one of the world’s largest community-driven online health and fitness platforms. The app offers free access to diet and training tools, over 5000 healthy recipes, live fitness sessions with experts, Q&A with coaches, and connects users to a 2.5 million-strong community of fitness experts and enthusiasts. Besides this, users can enrol with Fittr’s Fitness and Nutrition coaches for personalised plans by paying a small premium, or even with personal trainers for one-on-one workout sessions. More importantly, the platform provides a safe and judgment-free space where users can discuss health and fitness, learn, get motivated, transform, share, and explore opportunities in the fitness industry.
  • Sweat: The app focusses on empowering women with fitness. It offers workouts, recipes, tips and a host of programs and trainers. Additionally, the platform provides Sweat Forum to help women achieve a healthier lifestyle by connecting with like-minded women and discussing workout, nutrition, and any health-related issues. The app offers regular updates, health and fitness related news, inspiring transformations, and reviews.
  • My Fitness Pal – The app helps track all the fitness needs with a host of tools. One of its most popular features is the searchable food database of over 300,000,000 items. The app also allows people to add their own foods and recipes. Users can also get customized diet plans and physical activity plans to help them reach the set goals, with a collection of cardio and strength workouts that can be integrated with several apps and devices. In addition to this, the platform offers a supportive community to discuss health and fitness and motivate each other.
  • Daily Yoga: A yoga training app, Daily Yoga offers yoga plans for both beginners as well as advanced level users.  The focus of the app is to make yoga practice accessible to everyone and encourage people to incorporate it in their everyday life. With the app, one can access over 50 different workout plans and a community where users can ask questions, make new connections and stay motivated.
  • JeFit: This app allows one to prepare their own workout plan in addition to pre-designed plans. JeFit offers a database of exercises and is a free-to-use basic app. One can also use the paid services for additional features. Besides these features, it also helps users become a part of the JetFit community and share tips, feedback and help each other achieve their fitness goals.

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