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Brandworks’ Commitment to Excellence in Home Audio Manufacturing

Brandworks-Home Audio Manufacturing

In the world of audio electronics, Brandworks leads with innovation and quality. With a wealth of experience in pioneering engineering and manufacturing advancements, Brandworks is a trusted industry leader.

Pioneering Premium Home Audio: Brandworks’ Journey in Dolby and Speaker R&D

Brandworks thrives on its unwavering commitment to research and development. With a dedicated R&D center hosting over 200 engineers and acousticians, the company continuously pushes the boundaries of audio excellence. Backed by global sourcing partners, Brandworks’ top-notch manufacturing facility utilizes sophisticated techniques to craft high-fidelity audio products with unmatched quality and precision.


Driving Innovation with Dolby Integration

Brandworks’ strategic industry partnerships have been pivotal in its pursuit of audio excellence. Through integration of leading solutions like Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio Processing, Brandworks delivers immersive audio experiences that redefine home entertainment standards.

Precision Prototyping and Validation

Brandworks prioritizes top-notch quality in every product. With meticulous prototyping and validation processes in state-of-the-art acoustic chambers, the company ensures optimal performance and fidelity.

Advanced Mechanical Design

Brandworks’ engineering teams leverage advanced simulation software to conduct structural and thermal analyses, allowing them to design speakers that marry premium aesthetics with exceptional acoustic performance.

Strategic Partnerships for Cutting-Edge Solutions

Brandworks’ strategic partnerships with top audio component manufacturers provide early access to cutting-edge innovations in drivers, DSPs, and enclosures, empowering the company to lead in audio technology.

Innovative Product Offerings

Brandworks excels in advanced signal processing and wireless technology, evident in its product lineup featuring compact soundbars and wireless 5.1 home theater systems. With a focus on next-gen innovations like 3D audio and intelligent listening features, the company is dedicated to redefining home entertainment with extraordinary audio experiences.

Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner for Testing and Inspection: Brandworks

In electronics manufacturing, product quality and reliability are paramount. At Brandworks, we prioritize thoroughly tested products to uphold our clients’ brand integrity. As your strategic manufacturing partner, we’re dedicated to ensuring your product’s success through rigorous testing and inspection.

Expertise in Quality Assurance

Our team ensures the quality, reliability, and functionality of your product with meticulous testing. From in-circuit and functional testing to offering design-for-test (DFT) feedback, we optimize your manufacturing process to minimize defects.

Comprehensive Inspection Services

We provide comprehensive inspection services using cutting-edge equipment and advanced techniques. From SPI to 3D AOI and X-ray inspection, we ensure the integrity of your products with thorough scrutiny.

Ensuring Electrical Safety

We prioritize electrical safety through dielectric testing (“hipot” tests), ensuring product reliability and safety in both workplace and home environments. As your manufacturing partner, Brandworks meets your testing needs with precision and efficiency, shaping the future of home entertainment with innovation and collaboration.

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