Brandworks Technologies Set to Showcase Cutting-Edge Electronics at CES 2024

Brandworks Technologies-CES2024

Brandworks Technologies (BWTECH), is all set to make its mark at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. From January 9th to 12th, BWTECH will proudly occupy booth number 55344 at the Venetian Expo & Convention Center, as part of the India Pavilion.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) holds immense significance on a global scale for manufacturers. It serves as a critical platform where industry players converge to unveil the latest technological innovations, shape industry trends, and foster pivotal collaborations. For BWTECH, CES 2024 represents an unprecedented opportunity to not only showcase its technological prowess but also to glean insights into the latest advancements in AI and its potential integration into their manufacturing and product portfolio for the year ahead.

BWTECH’s participation at CES 2024 marks a crucial milestone in their journey. The company will unveil an array of cutting-edge offerings including soundbars, smartwatches, and wireless power banks. Ishwar Kumhar, Co-founder of BWTECH expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “CES 2024 represents an invaluable opportunity for us to not only showcase our latest products but also to explore cutting-edge advancements, especially in AI, which we aim to integrate into our manufacturing and product portfolio in the upcoming year.”


At CES 2024, BWTECH’s booth will be a testament to the fusion of precision engineering and innovative design that defines BWTECH’s products. The showcase aims not only to exhibit their technological excellence but also to emphasize India’s growing prominence in the global consumer electronics industry.

As BWTECH steps onto the global stage at CES 2024, their participation signifies more than just a product showcase—it stands as a testament to India’s expanding technological prowess and its increasing influence in the global market.

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