Staying Hydrated becomes smart with Cap2O Smart Water Bottles

Cap2O Smart water bottle

Water constitutes 70% of our body weight. Yet, being busy at work, commute, and other chores, a person can easily pass a whole day without drinking a drop of water. Staying hydrated is important for our body, and now tech can aid us to stay hydrated in a smart manner. Cap2O, a flagship product from Bleaf Technologies Pvt Ltd., is a futuristic Smart Water Bottle that not only reminds you to drink water regularly but offers sterilized water too. With its lightweight, elegant design and colors, and smart functionalities, Cap2O can be your ideal carry-on companion for day-long activities.

cap2O sensor
Sensors for UVC and temperature housed in cap

Cap2O is India’s first smart water bottle featuring an in-built UVC Technology that zaps the DNA of all the microorganisms infesting the water in your bottles. This enables you to get sterilized odor-free water on the go and keep you safe from all the harmful bacteria and viruses. These smart water bottles are made of double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel, which maintains the temperature cold for up to 24 hours and hot for about 12 hours.

Cap2O temperature display
Temperature display on the cap

The magic of smart features is housed in the innovative cap of the bottle. The smart cap is fitted with a temperature sensor and displays three temperature rings as per the temperature of the beverage in the bottle. The display is touch-enabled to activate the smart features of the bottle. Shaking the bottle to let the beverage inside it come in contact with the sensor allows you to know the temperature of your drink. It has a hydration reminder that sounds off at preset intervals to remind you to drink water. The inside of the cap has a magnetic charger and on a single charge, the bottle can keep functioning for up to 45 days.


Aiming for a healthy and sustainable world, the Cap2O smart water bottle comes in unique environment-friendly packaging. Customers can convert the packaging into a tabletop planter using the seeds given with it.

You can get yourself a Cap2O smart water bottle in Perky Peach, Onyx Black, Peppy Pink, Tangy Green, Beryl Blue, and Pebble White colors at an introductory price of INR 2,999.

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