CLAW Introduces 6 New Versatile Cooling Pads for Every Laptop


Be it casual work at home or the office, or hardcore gaming and designing, every laptop has one known enemy — heat. Standard laptops tend to heat after a few hours of working, while high-performance ones used for designing and gaming heat up even faster. Most brands ensure there are enough fans and vents on the laptop, but are proven inefficient at most times. Efficient cooling solutions are highly recommended for those who use their laptops extensively. To help keep your laptops cool, stabilize their performance, and extend their overall life, CLAW introduces 6 new versatile cooling pads that feature adjustable turbo fans, USB hubs, RGB lights, LCDs, and a lot more. The cooling pads are also ergonomically designed with adjustable heights and angles to reduce strain while working for prolonged periods.

CLAW Arctic K25 PRO:

Daily laptop gamers would enjoy this cooling pad that accommodates up to 17.3-inch laptops. Featuring RGB lights with 4 motor fans, and 7 different adjustable height options, the Arctic K25 is a great cooling accessory for anyone who works from home. Gamers will love the surround lighting effects that allow up to 10 different modes. If you want faster cooling, a two-way adjustment switch allows for standard and turbo cooling modes. Dual USB ports on the rear allow for extended accessories so you can keep your mouse, keyboard or printer connected all the time. Available in Black, the CLAW Arctic K25 Pro at MRP of Rs 2,990.


CLAW Frost K42:

If you are a casual gamer, the CLAW Frost K42 is just the one for your desk. With a classic laptop stand look, the K42 can instantly change your desk into a gaming zone using its Dynamic RGB surround lights with 5 lighting effects. Switching between standard use and gaming modes is just a click away — three high-speed motor fans help blast up to 1500 RPM so your laptop stays cool and offers top performance at all times. Built using an ABS+Aluminum alloy frame and two adjustable heights/angles, the K42 can accommodate laptops up to 17.3 inches.  Available in Black, the CLAW Frost K42 at MRP of Rs 2790/-

CLAW  Glacier F13:

A fantastic Gaming laptop cooling pad, the Glacier F13 boasts 5 turbo fans with up to 2500 RPM and RGB lighting with 12 different modes. A built-in LCD screen helps you tweak the fan speeds by up to 3 options, and switches that allow you to change the lighting effects instantly. Built using ABS+Aluminum alloy, the F13 has 7 adjustable heights and angles with anti-skid pads to support up to 17.3-inch laptops.  Available in Black, the CLAW Glacier F13  at MRP of  Rs 2990/-


CLAW Iceberg F4:

Boasting a whopping 8 cooling fans with speeds that go up to 2600 RPM, the F4 can help bring down your laptop’s temperature within seconds. Dynamic RGB lighting with an LCD and fan speed switches are built into the ABS+Aluminum alloy frame. 7 adjustable heights and angles allow for convenient and prolonged working hours and are suitable for laptops up to 17.3 inches in size. Available in Black, the CLAW Iceberg F4 at MRP of Rs 2490/-.

CLAW Breeze C3:

If you are looking for something basic, yet powerful for your home or office desk, the Breeze C3 is just your bet.  Built using strong and durable ABS, the C3 offers 2 adjustable heights and anti-skid pads to accommodate up to 17.3-inch laptops with ease. Dual USB ports on the rear allow for connecting external peripherals such as printers or keyboard/mouse to help de-clutter your desk. Available in Black with two LED color options (RED/BLUE), the CLAW Breeze C3 at MRP of  Rs 1,690.

The CLAW Laptop Cooling pads are available on & with a 1-year warranty period.

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