Dyson enters the audio category in India with the Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones

Dyson Zone headphones

Dyson launches Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones. With over five years of relentless research and development, these headphones offer an unmatched listening experience. Key features include up to 50 hours of continuous playback, with ultra-low distortion, advanced noise cancellation and faithful audio reproduction across the entire sound spectrum.

A scientific approach for high-fidelity immersive listening

Although many audio companies use a ‘golden listener’, a common practice in this field where a person determines what ‘good’ sounds like, Dyson engineers preferred to take a scientific approach, using sound reproduction measures such as left-right balance, total harmonic distortion and frequency response to ensure excellent sound quality. In order to validate the specification objectives, they relied on the results of extensive user testing. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and a USB-C charging system, the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones offer up to 50 hours1 of ultra-low distortion sound.


Charged to 100% in 3 hours, the headphones offer advanced active noise reduction and faithful audio reproduction across the entire audio spectrum. In total, the Dyson Zone™ headphones are equipped with 11 microphones, 8 of which are used to reduce noise pollution by up to 38dB and monitor surrounding sounds 384,000 times per second.

“At Dyson, we always start with the problem. And as engineers, we’re not afraid to do things differently. With the Dyson Zone™️ noise cancelling headphones, we have taken a uniquely Dyson approach to audio engineering to tackle the issue of noise pollution head-on. Incorporating science and relentless testing, the Dyson Zone headphones have been engineered to actively monitor and combat city noise, while ensuring an uninterrupted, immersive listening experience through high fidelity and low-distortion audio.” – Joe Staniforth, Head of Wearables category, Dyson.

To deliver true sound with a full sound spectrum, the Dyson Zone™ headphones automatically reproduce frequencies ranging from 6Hz to 21kHz to ensure that every note or word is audible. Such a wide frequency range is due to the engineering of the electroacoustic system and components: the 40 mm and 16-ohm neodymium speakers are at the center of the audio system.

The loudspeaker and electronics, mechanical system, materials and acoustics have been carefully designed to minimise distortion. The loudspeaker output is then equalised by intelligent signal processing 48,000 times per second which, when combined with noise reduction, neutralises harmonic distortion to levels inaudible over the entire frequency range (0.08% at 94 dB at 1 kHz).

Designed for ultimate comfort

Dyson engineers have developed a machine that offers high-fidelity audio while providing optimal comfort. They have developed the comfort pads so that they can adapt perfectly to the shape of the ear of any owner thanks to the density of foam and the clamping force of the headband.  

Inspired by the shape and design of a horse’s saddle, the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are designed to distribute weight evenly across both sides of the head, rather than the top. The headphones have also been designed taking into account a diverse range of head types across the world to adapt to all owners.

Selecting the right materials is crucial for three reasons: comfort, stability, and active noise reduction. Foam is an obvious choice for headphones, but Dyson engineers have thoroughly studied the composition of the different foams to choose the most appropriate material based on density, compression ratio and elastic return rate, promoting the best acoustic performance and preventing urban noise from entering. The headphones are deliberately flatter than conventional headphones, both for noise reduction and comfort.

Addressing noise and air pollution in urban India

More than half of the global population lives in cities. This is expected to reach 7 in 10 by 2050[2]. As urban populations grow, so does associated infrastructure—transport, construction, and traffic—collectively known as urban soundscapes, all of which impact the environment in which we live. Polluting the air and generating noise can cause long-term physical and mental health issues.

  • According to the ‘Status of Ambient Noise Level in India 2017’ report, Delhi is ranked as the noisiest metro followed by Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai.[3]
  • Air pollution is also a global problem. 99% of the world’s population lives in areas that exceed the World Health Organisation (WHO) safe levels for pollution5.

To reduce noise pollution and monitor surrounding noise, the transparent” mode achieves unparalleled active noise cancellation, while ensuring constant alertness when travelling.

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones have an additional microphone for telephony to allow calling, recording or voice control, for greater clarity in voice transmission while rejecting noise surrounding the user’s environment.

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones can also be equipped with a removable visor to project purified air when travelling in polluted urban areas or on public transport. This technology is the result of Dyson’s 30 years of expertise in airflow, filtration and motor technologies, and a deep understanding of indoor and outdoor air quality. The compressors located in each earcup draw air through the double-layer filters and project two streams of purified air to the user’s nose and mouth, channelled through the non-contact visor. Electrostatic filters remove particles as small as 0.1 microns[4], while activated carbon filters absorb gases such as nitrogen dioxide4 from urban pollution.

Smart Connectivity with the MyDyson™ App

The MyDyson™ App is used to control the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones, adjust the airflow speed and noise reduction mode, as well as to adjust the audio equalisation. It is therefore possible to customize your acoustic experience among 3 different modalities: Dyson EQ (enhanced), Bass Boost (bass) and Neutral (flatter response curve). It also allows you to choose to limit the volume based on hearing health advice.

Also, thanks to an on-board sensor, the app is able to monitor NO2 levels in the air and live controls, while simultaneously checking ambient noise levels in real-time. Like Dyson air purifiers at home, the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones provide actionable, understandable information about the user’s environment, accessible in just a few clicks, to help them adopt healthier habits.


The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are available at and Dyson Demo stores starting from INR 59,900 onwards.

Accessories​ 1x pair of electrostatic carbon filters​

Visor Cleaning brush​

USB-C Charging cable​

Visor Sleeve​


“Quarter Turn” Hard Case​



Price – INR 59,900

2 x pair of electrostatic carbon filters​

Visor Cleaning brush​

USB-C Charging cable​

Visor Sleeve​


Explorer Case


Inflight Adaptor Kit

Soft Pouch


Price – INR 64,900


*Exclusive to Dyson Direct via or at Dyson Demo Stores

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