Electrolux Group announces the launch of its UltimateTaste range of Refrigerators


Electrolux Group, launches of its UltimateTaste range of refrigerators in the Indian market, further expanding its product portfolio. Electrolux refrigerators are built to impress, from the slick external contours and thoughtful interiors to the way the door handle functions. The Scandinavian design of Electrolux raises the kitchen’s aesthetic factor and is offered in a variety of gloss/matte finishes and in dark or natural stainless-steel finishes. The entire range comprises four different variations including Bottom freezer refrigerators, French door refrigerators, a Side by Side refrigerator, and Top freezer refrigerators. In line with its “Swedish thinking. Better living.” principle, the Electrolux range of refrigerators aim to make your food last longer by preserving Taste, Texture and Nutritional value of your food and promoting sustainable eating habits.

In this new range, Electrolux Group has brought together its cutting-edge proprietary technologies, including Auto Humidity Management with TasteLockAuto for prolonged preservation of vegetables, TasteSeal for keeping fish and meat fresh without freezing, FlexStor to provides flexible storage options, and NutriFresh inverter compressor which maintains consistent temperatures to save energy while keeping food and drinks fresh. Additionally, the premium range of Electrolux refrigerators features TasteGuard to ensure freshness of the fridge and TwinTech cooling to maintain optimal temperature and humidity level.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sudhir Patil, Commercial Director said, “Ahead of the summer season, we’ve introduced our 2023 refrigerator line-up that has been designed in line with our “Swedish thinking. Better living” principle at Electrolux. The range is designed to address different key needs of consumers – making food last longer owing to an extensive feature-set, a beautiful exterior built to European standards that adds to the kitchen décor, and promoting sustainable eating habits. We believe our refrigerator range is a game-changer and will set a new standard for the industry.”


Key Features of Electrolux Refrigerators


Auto Humidity Management of TastelockAuto maintains ideal moisture level inside the crisper compartment, ensuring farm fresh vegetables bursting with flavors for all week long. It eliminates the need of storing different type of vegetables separately along with the need for manual moisture management.


The TasteSealFlex convertible compartment in the top end UltimateTaste 900 easily adapts to the desirable temperature, allowing the freedom to store everything from fresh vegetables to tender meat and fish, or cold drinks and ice-cream. Therefore, it’s easy to find the right space to keep food fresh and full of flavour by choosing one of the five temperature settings from -23°C to 7°C.


FlexStor allows to customize and reorganize the door bin space as per the user’s requirements. This is very helpful for accommodating different types of tall bottles, small jars and a vast variety of stuff that can be stored in the fridge.

NutriFresh Invertor Compressor

The Electrolux refrigerator range builds highly on the sustainability front owing to a NutriFresh invertor compressor which, by maintaining a consistent temperature, conserves energy and effectively preserves the freshness of food and beverages.


The TasteGuard feature in Electrolux refrigerators ensures the fridge remains fresh, hygienic, and free from unwanted odours for a sustained period of time. The TasteGuard feature is employed in the whole range with the help of an in-built activated carbon filter.

TwinTech Cooling

The TwinTech Cooling technology is exclusive to the French door UltimateTaste 900 refrigerator range, which is a dual cooling mechanism that operates two separate systems simultaneously to ensure optimal performance of the refrigerator on a daily basis. While one system maintains a low temperature in the freezer, the other regulates the refrigerator’s temperature and humidity levels to keep them stable.


Available across the whole refrigerator range, EvenTemp technology reduces temperature variations to ensure that food stays fresh and flavorful while storing it across all shelves. All Shelves are individually cooled with smartly designed air vents for 360⁰ cooling.


Available in the Top freezer UltimateTaste 500 and 700 refrigerator series, a chillroom compartment is designed to keep items like meat, cheese and deli snacks in their prime condition.


The Electrolux UltimateTaste refrigerator range is widely available in all Electrolux retail outlets across the Indian market. The premium range of refrigerators is available on Amazon as well.

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