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Enhancing Gaming Experience with Mivi Commando Q9 TWS


Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming TWS earbuds are a revolutionary leap in gaming audio technology. Designed to immerse users in a seamless gaming experience, these earbuds boast an array of features that redefine the boundaries of gaming audio equipment.

Connectivity is the backbone of gaming, and the Commando Q9 leverages Bluetooth 5.3, providing a stable and efficient connection within a 10-meter range. Bid farewell to audio dropouts and lag, as these earbuds ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions, maintaining an unbroken connection between your gaming device and the earbuds.

Auditory Excellence


The auditory experience is nothing short of extraordinary. The HD stereo sound with lossless audio, powered by 13mm electro-dynamic drivers, delivers an impressive range of clear beats and robust bass. This feature creates an immersive environment, where every sound detail is captured with precision, enhancing both gaming and music experiences alike. The Quad Mic ENC feature facilitates impeccable real-time communication during multiplayer gaming. Seamlessly collaborate with teammates, strategize with precision, and dominate games through clear audio conversations.

Enhanced Gaming

The 35ms low latency gaming mode ensures that audio syncs perfectly with in-game actions, providing a competitive edge crucial for excelling in the gaming world. Zero lags and precise timing allow players to be fully aware of their surroundings, making every move count towards victory.

Activating Battle Mode (Gaming Mode) is as simple as tapping the earbuds three times on the left earbud, instantly transporting users into an immersive gaming realm where these TWS earbuds dictate the rhythm of victory.

Mega Endurance

The stamina of these earbuds is exceptional, boasting 72 hours of modified playtime, with 8.5 hours on the pods alone and the combined playtime with the case. Swift Charge Technology ensures that 10 minutes of charge equals an astounding 500 minutes of playtime, keeping users in the gaming league at all times.

Stylish Design

Design-wise, the Commando Q9 earbuds are not only functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing. Crafted with an in-fit style for a comfortable fit, these earbuds come in four distinct colors, allowing users to express their style while gaming. The incorporation of dual RGB lights on both the earbuds and the charging case is not merely aesthetic but also functional. With seven unique lighting modes, users can enhance their gaming ambiance and make a style statement simultaneously. For users conscious of endurance concerns, considering that RGB lights might drain the battery, the engineers at Mivi have thoughtfully provided an option to switch off the RGB lights to save battery or even to avoid distractions while gaming.


The Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming TWS earbuds stand as a testament to Indian audio excellence. Priced at INR 1999, these earbuds offer exceptional value, catering to gamers and audio enthusiasts with top-notch performance at an attractive price point. Offering an immersive, lag-free, and stylish gaming experience, these earbuds are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their gaming audio beyond limits.

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