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Explore More Than Just Your Regular Recipes with KENT OTG 21L


What is on the menu today? This is a concern that probably affects the majority of women who cook on a daily basis. Well, a Kent OTG-21L would let you answer this question perfectly since it enables you to effortlessly prepare a variety of delectable dishes at home, including pizza, cakes, etc. It is the ideal choice to grill chicken, bake your favourite cake, or toast garlic bread.

You can experiment with a range of different meals with the OTG’s rotisserie and convection features. With the practical rotisserie function, you can enjoy perfectly cooked vegetables and meat because it rotates the food continuously and automatically. By properly distributing hot air inside, the convection function provides the ideal texture and browning for your favourite kebabs and more.

Having a good capacity, this heavy-duty 1300W OTG acts as your assistant as it lets you effortlessly cook food for 6 people at a go. If you have a small family or wish to serve guests at a small event, the Kent OTG-21L is the ideal option.


Depending on the type of recipe you’re working with, you may adjust the temperature, time, and heat with the OTG’s simple-to-use knobs. You can cook quickly and effectively by just turning the knobs in the right direction.

In contrast to a microwave, which requires you to reheat your meal again, the OTG has a fantastic ‘Stay On Function’ that keeps your food warm for a longer period of time.

When you cook manually, you must be close to the dish to continuously monitor whether it is cooked. Once the temperature and necessary time have been set with KENT OTG-21L, you can step away from the kitchen. Your mind will be at ease thanks to the appliance’s timer with an automatic shut-off mechanism that will turn it off when finished.

Additionally, KENT Ovens come in 30 litre and 42 litre sizes.

Highlighting the benefits of the KENT OTG range, Mr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, Kent RO Systems Ltd., said, “Given that the KENT OTG will meet all of the needs of people and families in terms of health, flavour, and cooking ease, we are confident that customers will be more than delighted with its performance. The best feature of this contemporary appliance is that it makes it possible for you to prepare your favourite meals quickly and conveniently at home. Using this appliance, you can prepare a variety of baked and grilled dishes in no time. You can even explore more than just your regular recipes. “

Easy to clean and maintain, the KENT OTG 21L is priced at Rs. 8000 and is available at all leading home appliance stores and E-Commerce.

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