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EZVIZ revolutionizes Security Surveillance system with the launch of H8C 4G Camera Range


EZVIZ, a global smart home security company, has strengthened its outdoor security camera portfolio with the launch of revolutionary EZVIZ H8C 4G camera range, setting a new standard for seamless protection in areas with limited Wi-Fi access. The H8C 4G camera offers unparalleled features, including 2K resolution, 360-degree coverage, AI-powered detection, and more, ensuring uninterrupted security regardless of Wi-Fi limitations.

The EZVIZ H8C 4G is a cutting-edge security camera system designed to provide unparalleled convenience. With its integrated connectivity, this camera offers flexibility and reliability, allowing users to monitor their property remotely without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. This feature makes it ideal for areas with limited or unreliable internet access, ensuring continuous surveillance even in remote locations. Additionally, it comprises advanced motion detection capabilities and real-time alerts, enabling users to stay informed of any suspicious activity around their property. Its compact and weatherproof design further enhances convenience, allowing for easy installation both indoors and outdoors.

Experience peace-of-mind with the H8C 4G camera’s advanced detection, real-time alerts, and two-way communication. Speak to visitors via smartphone, enhancing security with pre-recorded messages. Rest assured with impressive night vision, offering three modes for clear visibility day and night. Choose from full colour, black and white, or smart night vision to suit any need. Save footage locally on a microSD card of up to 512 GB, or subscribe to EZVIZ Cloud Play for encrypted cloud storage, ensuring your recordings are always accessible.

On the launching occasion, Mr. Bipin Gupta, Product Manager, EZVIZ said, “At EZVIZ, we are witnessing a surge in demand for security cameras as individuals prioritize safety and peace of mind. As we continue to meet the increased demand for security solutions and delivering cutting-edge security features reflects this growing need.  The H8C 4G offers unparalleled features, including advanced detection capabilities, real-time alerts, and two-way communication, empowering users with complete control over their security, regardless of their location. Furthermore, our impressive night vision technology ensures round-the-clock surveillance, providing clear visibility in any lighting condition. 

We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in security solutions, which is why the H8C 4G offers dual connectivity options, allowing users to access the network via 4G SIM cards or a cable through the RJ45 Ethernet port. This versatility ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted protection without the need for costly Wi-Fi infrastructure”.


The EZVIZ H8C 4G camera is designed to meet the needs of users in areas with limited Wi-Fi access. With its innovative 4G network connectivity, users can enjoy real-time alerts, two-way communication, and remote access via the user-friendly app, eliminating connectivity frustrations and offers a solution with dual connectivity options, allowing users to access the network via 4G SIM cards or a cable through the RJ45 Ethernet port.

The camera range can be easily managed via the EZVIZ App with easy integration and hands-free control for added convenience.  It comes with a detachable mount plate that simplifies the installation process. By detaching the mounting base from the camera body, installation becomes hassle-free, eliminating the need to hold the entire camera in place while finding the optimal installation spot.


The SRP of this product is INR 3,900 and is available in the market.

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